Woodoku MOD 3.29.00 Auto Skip APK

Posted by Bui Thao
Publisher Tripledot Studios Limited
Version3.29.00 (Latest)
Size 122M
Category Puzzle
MOD FeaturesAuto Skip
Support Android 5.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedMay 18, 2024 (3 days ago)
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Introduce about Woodoku

Woodoku MOD APK (Auto Skip) is a new and exciting tile game with a unique combination of Sudoku and Tetris gameplay. With wooden blocks placed in a 9×9 grid, the player must arrange them so that no two blocks of the same colour or shape are in the same row or column. The game requires high concentration and analytical ability and is very interesting and entertaining.

Unique gameplay experience

Woodoku is a unique puzzle game that combines Sudoku and wooden blocks. The player needs to arrange the wooden blocks on a 9×9 board, but instead of numbers like Sudoku, the player will use different shapes of wooden blocks. The game’s goal is to fill all the cells in the board without any empty cells and any same wooden blocks in the same row, column or small 3×3 square. Woodoku has simple but highly addictive gameplay, giving players exciting and challenging entertainment.

A weekly update of 100 new wooden block puzzles

Game Woodoku is a simple but exciting intellectual game. Players must use intelligence and reasoning to arrange wooden blocks into a square board so that no obstructions are blocked or overlapped.

In the game, 100 new wooden block puzzles are updated weekly, ranging from simple ones to more difficult ones, providing players with new challenges and helping to improve their puzzle skills. Each puzzle has a different structure, requiring the player to figure out how to arrange the wooden blocks to suit the puzzle’s requirements.

In addition, the game Woodoku also has an unlimited game mode, allowing players to unleash their creativity and experiment with different ways of arranging wooden blocks. Besides, the game also shares the results of the players’ puzzles on social networks, helping players show off their puzzle skills and connect with the gaming community.

Daily challenging puzzles – Keep your brain creative

Woodoku APK is a fun logic puzzle game where players must arrange wooden blocks to match the playing board. However, not only, the game also provides players with a daily challenging puzzle to help boost their thinking ability and intelligence.

Every day, players will receive a new puzzle with increasing difficulty, from easy to complex. Puzzles can be challenges in arranging wooden blocks or questions related to math, logic, or even English. Players will be challenged with different questions every day and try to complete them quickly.

In addition, the daily challenge quizzes also feature the ability to share scores with friends or opponents on social networks, creating competition and encouraging player progress.

With Woodoku MOD APK’s daily challenging puzzle, players can entertain and train their minds daily, helping them become more innovative and creative.

Attractive reward system

Woodoku is a unique puzzle game with blocks designed in the shape of wooden puzzle pieces. In the game, the player must stack blocks to create complete rows and columns and avoid letting the blocks fill the screen.

To motivate players, the Woodoku game offers an attractive reward system, including:

Bonus points: Players will receive bonus points corresponding to the number of blocks they stack. Bonus points can be used to redeem rewards or achieve higher achievements.

Achievements: Woodoku offers many types of accomplishments, but they are all tough to achieve, from lining up the most rows to lining up bricks in the shortest time. Players will receive a special reward for completing one of these achievements.

Unlock Cards: Players can get unlock cards to unlock new in-game features, including different types of blocks and new game modes.

Experience Points: Players will accumulate experience points when playing games and updating levels. Each time players level up, players will receive different rewards, such as unlock cards or bonus points.

Enjoy playing the Woodoku game anytime, anywhere, with offline play mode

Woodoku APK mod is a challenging free logic game. The game requires players to stack wooden blocks on a chessboard so they are not blocked, form entire rows or columns and score as high as possible.

With offline game mode, players can enjoy playing Woodoku anytime, anywhere, without an internet connection. This offline mode also allows players to customize game profiles to suit their preferences, including:

Different game modes: Players can choose from different game modes, including classic mode, time mode and infinite mode.

Difficulty Configuration: The player can increase or decrease the game’s difficulty by changing the board’s size or the number of wooden blocks.

Statistics and leaderboards: Players can view statistical information and compare results with those on the leaderboard.

Playing Woodoku offline helps players focus on the game without being interrupted by ads or a weak internet connection. The offline game mode is also an excellent choice for those who love logic games and want to challenge themselves anytime and anywhere.

The unique combination of Sudoku and Tetris

With simple but equally exciting gameplay, Woodoku MOD APK (Auto Skip) on MODAPKOKI has become a game many people love and choose for entertainment, concentration and relaxation. Try this game to experience the unique combination of two classic games, Sudoku and Tetris.

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