Puppet Boss

Puppet Boss MOD 1.1.7 Unlimited Gold/Tickets APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NamePuppet Boss
Version1.1.7 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold/Tickets
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJuly 7, 2023 (12 months ago)
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Introduce about Puppet Boss

Puppet Boss MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Tickets) is a video game of the action role-playing genre developed by Flazm game studio and released in July 2020 on the PC platform.

In Puppet Boss, the player takes on the role of a doll character and faces challenges and enemies to advance to the following level. Players can also upgrade their character’s skills, weapons and equipment during the game to deal with more complex challenges.

Puppet Boss is a great choice if you love the action RPG genre and want to try a new game.

Fascinating story

The story of Puppet Boss revolves around the adventures of a doll character named Blade, who is searching for the truth about his origin. The blade has awoken to a world full of enemies who are trying to destroy him, and from there, he has embarked on a journey to find himself and defeat the enemies that threaten this world.

In Puppet Boss, Blade will face complex challenges, such as passing levels, defeating fearsome enemies, and collecting money to upgrade his equipment and weapons. The supporting characters that appear in the story are also very unique and diverse, from strange monsters to friendly characters willing to help Blade in his journey.

However, things don’t always go smoothly for Blade; he must face many mysteries and traps, including battles with powerful enemies, to finally find the truth about himself. And stop the dark conspiracy that threatens the world.

With a fascinating and challenging story, Puppet Boss promises to bring players hours of exciting and dramatic entertainment.

Nice character

Here are some beautiful characters that players can meet in Puppet Boss APK:

Blade: as the game’s main character, Blade is a doll character with an attractive appearance and boundless strength.

Leo: A lovable and humorous character, Leo is Blade’s companion on his journey.

Spectre: is a mysterious character who can control souls; Specter’s appearance is exceptional and attractive.

Wizard: is a magical character with beautiful costumes and the ability to use powerful magic.

Kira: A bold and lovable female character, Kira can intelligently wield weapons and fighting.

In addition, Puppet Boss has many other characters with unique looks and different powers, creating a diverse and exciting world for players to explore.

Experience the stories of each character

Each character’s story and experience make the game more exciting and diverse. Here is some information about the story and experiences of the characters in Puppet Boss APK mod:

Blade: Blade is the game’s main protagonist; he wakes up in a world full of enemies and must fight to find himself and stop the dark conspiracy that threatens the world. Through many levels and challenges, Blade must face fearsome enemies and discover the truth about his origin.

Leo: Leo is Blade’s companion; he is a funny and likeable character. In Leo’s story, he is looking for new clothes to look better and is helped by Blade in his search.

Spectre: Specter is a mysterious and terrifying character who can control souls and has worked for the enemies of Blade. In Specter’s story, he deals with his past and tries to help Blade defeat his enemies.

Wizard: Wizard is a magical character with beautiful costumes and powerful magic abilities. In the Wizard’s story, he searches for his loved ones and uses his powers to help Blade defeat his enemies.

Kira: Kira is a bold and lovable female character capable of intelligently wielding weapons and fighting. In Kira’s story, she is searching for her missing father and helping Blade defeat the enemies on MODAPKOKI.

Each character in Puppet Boss MOD APK has its own story and experience, making the game more exciting and diverse.

Unleash your creativity with stories

With a diverse character and costume customization system, players can create new, unique characters and costumes to suit their preferences.

In Puppet Boss APK 1.1.7, players can create unique stories and experiences using the in-game environment editing feature. They can design a unique and custom environment, create dramatic and memorable matches, and create new experiences for their characters.

Besides, the game also allows players to interact and connect with the community to share their stories and experiences. As a result, players can seek inspiration, share ideas and learn from other players, creating a creative and diverse community.

In short, Puppet Boss is a game and a tool to unleash your creativity and create unique experiences.

Create your own story in the game Puppet Boss

In short, the game Puppet Boss is not only a mere entertainment game but also a great creative and imaginative tool for gamers. Extensive character and costume customization, and environment editing, will help players create unique and rich experiences. Experience and create good stories with Puppet Boss MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Tickets).