Planet Rush

Planet Rush MOD 1.18.3 High Damage APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NamePlanet Rush
PublisherTap Swap Games
Version1.18.3 (Latest)
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesHigh Damage
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJuly 8, 2023 (11 months ago)
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Introduce about Planet Rush

Planet Rush MOD APK (High Damage) is a Tap Swap Games genre game on mobile platforms like Android and iOS. In this game, the player will control a spaceship and explore different planets in the universe. The player must collect resources and build bases to protect them from attacking enemies.

During the game, players must use strategy to manage resources and build a solid defence base to deal with attacks from other planets.

The gameplay of Planet Rush is quite simple but also very addictive. Players need focus and agility to defeat the enemies and develop their base.

In summary, Planet Rush is a fun and exciting game with simple but challenging gameplay. If you love Tap Swap Games and want to experience space fiction, then Planet Rush is a great choice.

Many attractive modes

Planet Rush has many attractive game modes for players to experience and challenge their abilities. Here are some notable game modes of the game:

Campaign mode: This is the primary game mode of Planet Rush; players will participate in a series of missions and must fight enemies to build their bases on different planets.

Endless game mode: In this game mode, the player will face continuous attacks from enemies. The player’s task is to survive for as long as possible.

Online PvP game mode: Players will face other players worldwide in this game mode. Their mission is to build a strong base and defeat their rivals.

Challenge mode: In this game mode, players must overcome different challenges to achieve the highest score.

Daily Mission game mode: In this game mode, players will receive daily missions to complete and exchange for attractive rewards.

All of the above game modes bring players new and exciting experiences. These diverse game modes make Planet Rush an attractive and loved game by many people.

Upgrade fighter

Players can upgrade their fighters to increase combat effectiveness and defend their base. Here are some ways to boost the soldier in Planet Rush APK:

Weapon Upgrade: Upgrading the weapon will help increase the attack power of the aircraft. Players can upgrade weapons, such as laser guns, rockets or fortresses, to enhance their fighting ability on MODAPKOKI.

Armour Upgrade: Armor upgrades increase the aircraft’s endurance when being attacked. Players can upgrade their armour to protect their planes from enemy attacks.

Engine Upgrade: Upgrade the engine to increase the aircraft’s speed and the ability to avoid obstacles.

Energy Upgrades: Energy upgrades increase the aircraft’s flight time and make it possible for the player to use special skills in battle.

Upgrade special skills: Each plane in Planet Rush has its unique talents. Players can upgrade these skills to increase the aircraft’s combat ability.

The above upgrades help the player’s fighter become more robust and effective in matches. Upgrading aircraft is also essential to base development and high achievement in the game.

Survival Battles

The player’s goal in these matches is to survive as long as possible and score the highest possible.

There are various survival battles in Planet Rush APK mod:

Ice Battle: In this battle, the player must face waves of planes and warships from the frozen land. The match takes place for a limited time, and the player needs to avoid ice and snowfall while fighting enemies.

Rainforest Battle: This battle takes place in a jungle full of obstacles. The player must face attacks from various directions from planes, ships and tanks.

Desert Battle: This match takes place in an arid desert, where the player must face waves of attacks from planes and missiles. The tall sand pillars impede the plane’s path, and the player must avoid them to avoid being attacked.

All survival battles offer exciting challenges for players, with constant attacks and extreme environmental conditions. Players must use their aircraft’s combat ability and resource management skills to achieve the best results in these matches.

Discover new planets

Players must complete quests and conquer battles on previous worlds to discover a new planet. They can then move to the new Planet to continue challenging themselves.

Each Planet in Planet Rush APK 1.18.3 has a talent system, different resources, including gold coins and diamonds, and other resources such as fuel and building materials. Players can use these resources to upgrade and purchase weapons and equipment for their fighters.

The new planets also feature new enemies, from planes and battleships to alien robots and monsters. Each enemy type has its own attack and defence abilities, so players must use skills and tactics to defeat them.

As you explore new planets, players experience diverse landscapes, including frozen lands, rainforests, deserts, etc. All of this creates a rich and colourful world for players to explore.

Join Planet Rush to become the ruler of the universe

With Planet Rush, players will experience a challenging, engaging action and strategy game. From upgrading fighters and managing resources to survival battles and exploring new planets, Planet Rush offers players a rich world to explore. With stunning and vivid sound, this game is truly an experience not to be missed for lovers of action and strategy games. Join Planet Rush MOD APK (High Damage) on today to become the ruler of the universe and conquer new planets!