Pixel Hero: Roguelike

Pixel Hero: Roguelike MOD 1.2.3 Menu/Coin Multiplier/God Mode APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NamePixel Hero: Roguelike
PublisherArarat Games
Version1.2.3 (Latest)
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Coin Multiplier/God Mode
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedJuly 7, 2023 (11 months ago)
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Introduce about Pixel Hero: Roguelike

Pixel Hero: Roguelike MOD APK (Menu/Coin Multiplier/God Mode) is an action role-playing video game with classic pixel. This game was developed by PixelGhost and released in 2021.

Pixel Hero: Roguelike features turn-based gameplay and “roguelike” gameplay, which means that each play is randomly generated, and if you lose, you’ll have to start over. In the game, players will be heroes, explore different locations and fight monsters to collect money and equipment, improving their fighting ability.

Pixel Hero: Roguelike has a diverse game mode system, including story mode, stage mode, endless mode, and arena mode. The game also features various combat systems, including different skills and equipment, allowing players to customize their character to suit their play style.

Pixel Hero: Roguelike is a fun and challenging game for lovers of the “roguelike” genre and classic pixel games.

More than ten weapons with eight upgrades each

Pixel Hero: Roguelike MOD APK has more than ten different weapons, each with its features and tactics. Here are some examples of the weapons in Pixel Hero: Roguelike:

Sword: A primary weapon with medium attack power and fast attack speed.

Ax (Ax): A gun with solid attack power; however, the attack speed is slower than the sword.

Spear: A gun with long-range and medium attack power, a suitable choice when facing many monsters simultaneously.

Gun: A weapon that attacks from a distance, has medium attack power, and a fast rate of fire.

Trident: A gun with a long-range and strong attack power but slower attack speed than a spear.

Each weapon has eight different upgrades for players to enhance their fighting ability. For example:

Power: Increases the weapon’s attack power.

Speed: Increases the attack speed of the gun.

Range: Increases the content of the gun.

Critical Rate (Critical): Increases the required rate when attacking.

Critical Damage: Increases the critical damage of the gun.

Durability: Increases the durability of the gun.

Regeneration: When the attack is successful, the player will be restored a certain amount of health.

Absorption: Upon successful attack, the player will absorb part of the damage and recover the corresponding health.

Depending on each player’s play style and preferences, players can choose from different upgrades to enhance their weapons.

Fight, and upgrade weapons

In Pixel Hero: Roguelike APK, players will engage in consecutive battles with dangerous monsters. The player’s goal is to destroy all the monsters and find a way to survive to achieve the highest score.

During the battle, the player can use various weapons to destroy monsters. Depending on the style of play and preferences, players can choose the right gun and use skills and tactics to defeat monsters.

After each battle, the player will gain points and can find items and money to shop in the shops. With the money earned, players can upgrade their weapons by buying various upgrades to increase their strength, speed, range, crit, crit damage, and durability on MODAPKOKI.

In addition, players can also buy support items such as health potions, mana pots, and spells to help them survive in more difficult battles. However, these items also have limited uses, and players need to use them wisely to increase their chances of survival.

1000++ monsters with the desire to consume

In Pixel Hero: Roguelike APK mod, more than 1000 different types of monsters are designed with increasing difficulty to challenge players. Each kind of monster has characteristics, such as strength, speed, damage, ability to hit or dodge, attack range, and approach.

Players will face these monsters in battles and must use their skills and tactics to defeat them. However, the game’s difficulty will gradually increase as the player progresses to higher levels, where the monsters have increased strength and hit ability.

The player aims to destroy all the monsters and survive to get the highest score. To do this, players need to focus and improve their skills in movement and combat, along with upgrading weapons and using bright support items.

With the desire to destroy all monsters, players will have to face tough challenges and compete with other players on the leaderboard to win the top position.

Five heroes with different stats and perks

In Pixel Hero: Roguelike APK 1.2.3, there are a total of 5 pretty heroes with different options for the player to engage in battle with monsters. Each hero has stats and perks to aid combat and survival. Here is information about these five heroes:

Warrior: Is the most robust and enduring hero among the five heroes. He has higher strength and endurance stats than other heroes. His perk is to increase his strength and endurance when attacking and taking damage from monsters.

Rogue (Rogue): The most agile and versatile hero among the five heroes. He has higher speed and critical damage stats than other heroes. His perks are increased speed and crucial damage on basic attacks or activating special skills.

Mage (Mage): The hero with the most potent magic ability among the five heroes. He has higher magical energy and magic endurance than other heroes. His perk is to increase magical energy and endurance when casting spells or activating special skills.

Paladin (Knight): The hero with the most vital ability to support teammates among the five heroes. He has higher strength and defense energy stats than other heroes. His perk is to increase defense power and mana when protecting teammates or activating special skills.

Necromancer (Revival Mage): The hero with the ability to summon and control the most powerful monster among the five heroes. He has a maximum monster count and a higher monster lifetime than other heroes.

Conquer the challenge and become a hero in Pixel Hero: Roguelike

With unique and an exciting gaming experience, Pixel Hero: Roguelike will be an excellent choice for those who love the action-adventure game genre. The game offers dramatic and exciting battles and gives players many options to develop their heroes. If you want to take on tough challenges and become a hero in Pixel Hero: Roguelike MOD APK (Menu/Coin Multiplier/God Mode), download this game on modapkokie.com now and experience it!