Kung Fu Clicker

Kung Fu Clicker MOD 1.20.1 God Mode APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameKung Fu Clicker
Version1.20.1 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesGod Mode
SupportAndroid 5.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedJuly 1, 2023 (12 months ago)
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Introduce about Kung Fu Clicker

Kung Fu Clicker MOD APK (God Mode) is an exciting and unique mobile game combining clicker and action elements. You will be a talented boxer in this game and manage a martial arts studio business. You must practice martial arts, collect coins and upgrade equipment and skills to become the strongest fighter. In addition, you can also challenge other boxers to win the ring title.

Build a dojo and fight crime

You will play as a martial artist and build your dojo from scratch. In addition to practicing martial arts skills, you must manage and upgrade the dojo, attract many students and develop your team of students.

However, life is not always smooth; criminals sometimes find a way to infiltrate your dojo and cause harm. That’s when you must use your fighting skills to repel them and protect your dojo.

Kung Fu Clicker owns simple gameplay and a friendly interface, allowing players to control and manipulate easily. The game also has a diverse mission system, allowing you to participate in exciting battles and collect resources to upgrade the dojo.

With a combination of construction and defense, Kung Fu Clicker is an excellent choice for lovers of the strategy game genre.

Collect martial arts masters to raise your Kung Fu level

The masters are exemplary martial artists who can help players improve their martial arts skills. In Kung Fu Clicker, players can search and collect different masters to gain experience and martial skills. Each master has his skills and characteristics, from how he fights to how he manages the dojo.

To collect masters, players need to complete quests and win dojo battles. Once a sufficient number of masters are collected, the player can use them to improve their Kung Fu level and dojo.

In addition, the master also played an essential role in increasing the income and production of the dojo. Each master has a unique ability to help increase player production and income. Therefore, collecting and using masters in Kung Fu Clicker is very important and plays an indispensable role in the game.

In short, collecting martial arts masters is an essential part of the Kung Fu Clicker MOD APK game, helping players improve their martial arts skills, improve their dojo and increase their income.

Fight and raid enemy caves – Become a legendary martial artist

In this martial arts adventure, the enemy cave will become a place for players to challenge and confront. Clever and vicious opponents will conspire to attack the player’s headquarters and attempt to destroy what has been built. To protect his headquarters and honor, the player must use his martial arts skills to prevent intrusions and defeat dangerous opponents.

Attacking and raiding enemy caves is more than a mere confrontation. Players will also have to run and organize innovative defense strategies. Building a defense system, recruiting talented martial artists, and upgrading equipment is essential in resisting the enemy’s attack. Acumen and quick response are the deciding factors between success and failure in ensuring the headquarters’ security.

Kung Fu Clicker APK offers players a unique martial arts experience where they will show off their fighting skills, organize their defenses and deal with the enemy onslaught.

Get Exciting Rewards

During the game, players can receive various types of rewards. These rewards can include cash, resources, items, and even new characters. These rewards will help players build and expand their martial arts center faster and more robust.

Players can receive rewards by completing in-game quests or participating in special events. In addition, they can also receive rewards by participating in the game’s community-related activities.

Kung Fu Clicker APK mod is a fun and worthwhile business management simulation game with attractive rewards. Players will be challenged to become the best martial arts master and build a great center.

Become a talented teacher

Kung Fu Clicker is an exciting game where you will become a martial arts master and lead your army to victory in dramatic matches. Kung Fu Clicker will bring you hours of great entertainment.

Start your adventure and become a talented master; train your students to fight and win dramatic matches. You can strengthen your army and defeat nasty opponents with unique features such as equipment and combat skills.

So why hesitate? Download Kung Fu Clicker MOD APK (God Mode) on MODAPKOKI and become the most talented martial arts master in this game world. Indeed you will have exciting and unforgettable experiences with Kung Fu Clicker.