Jump Sword

Jump Sword MOD 4.1 Unlimited Money APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameJump Sword
Version4.1 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJuly 2, 2023 (12 months ago)
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Introduce about Jump Sword

Jump Sword MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a mobile game that can be played for free on iOS and Android platforms. This game combines jumping and action game genres, where the player controls a running character that continuously overcomes obstacles by jumping and attacking with swords. Players will control their character to collect different sword fragments and use them to upgrade and combine them into more powerful swords. These swords can defeat monsters and avoid obstacles during the run. In addition, players can also achieve achievements and share their results with friends on social networks.

Become a Knight

In Jump Sword APK, players can become knights by collecting enough sword fragments and combining them into a stronger sword. Players will unlock new skills and enhance the sword’s power when becoming a knight.

Becoming a knight not only helps players easily overcome the challenges in the game but also helps them feel excited and satisfied when they see their character getting stronger and stronger. In addition, becoming a knight is also part of the game’s plot, helping players better understand the world of Jump Sword: Merge Sword.

To become a knight, players must focus on collecting and combining sword shards and pass challenging levels to achieve the highest score.

Countless monsters

Some monsters in the game can attack from a distance, like iron obstacles. Other monsters can move quickly, like predators. In addition, some monsters are mighty and difficult to destroy, like the ocean dragon. To defeat these monsters, players need to use skills and flexible movements. They can also use weapons and treasures to enhance the character’s strength—the more complex the monsters, the higher the player’s score when defeating them. All the monsters in Jump Sword APK mod are eye-catching and beautiful, giving players a sense of thrill and excitement when confronting them.

Combine swords to create powerful weapons.

The swords come in different levels and can be found in Jump Sword APK 4.1 levels.

By combining swords, players can create swords with greater strength and durability. This makes it easier for them to defeat stronger monsters and pass more difficult levels.

Players must choose blades of the same colour and similar level to combine swords. They then use them to craft a new sword, ready to use in the next battle.

In addition to combining swords, players can also use treasures and items to enhance the character’s strength. These treasures can increase a character’s attack, defence, and energy, helping them defeat monsters and progress through more challenging levels.


Jump Sword: Merge Sword is an action-adventure game with many exciting abilities and features. Here are some of the game’s abilities:

Mission system: The game has a rich and diverse mission system, helping players level up and earn experience points and bonuses.

Weapon Combinations: Players can combine swords to create more powerful weapons, helping to defeat more powerful monsters.

Enhancement Items: The game features treasures and items to enhance the character’s strength, helping them overcome more difficult challenges.

Various Monsters: The game has a variety of monsters, each with its features and characteristics.

Various levels: The game has many levels with increasing difficulty, helping players challenge themselves and experience the game best.

Flexible combat mechanics: The game has flexible combat mechanics, allowing players to move, attack, and dodge monsters and obstacles easily.

To summarise, Jump Sword: Merge Sword is an engaging action-adventure game with various features and abilities, helping players experience a fun and exciting game.

Experience the adventure with Jump Sword: Merge Sword.

Jump Sword: Merge Sword is an engaging action-adventure game with diverse abilities and features. The game has flexible combat mechanics, a rich quest system, booster items, and various monsters and levels.

With Jump Sword: Merge SwordSwordyers can experience exhilarating adventures, explore colourful virtual worlds and defeat ferocious enemies. Players can also create powerful weapons to fight and challenge themselves with the weapon combination feature. Download this game now and join the exciting adventure with Jump Sword: Merge Sword MOD APK on MODAPKOKI!