Jewel Vampire Castle

Jewel Vampire Castle MOD 1.24.2 Auto Win APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameJewel Vampire Castle
Publisher V2R
Version1.24.2 (Latest)
Size 54M
Category Puzzle
MOD FeaturesAuto Win
Support Android 5.1+
Price FREE
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UpdatedMay 17, 2024 (5 days ago)
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Introduce about Jewel Vampire Castle

Jewel Vampire Castle MOD APK (Auto Win) is a match-3 mobile game developed by V2R. In the game, players will be a brave warrior fighting with the army of Vampires to protect his castle. To win, players must destroy stones of the same colour to create unique combos and destroy Vampires.

The game provides many support items such as bombs, bullets, or freezes to help players overcome complex challenges. In addition, players can also invite friends and join guilds to fight and win together.

Jewel Vampire Castle is a fun entertainment game that will bring players exciting experiences.

Novel jigsaw puzzles

A unique feature of this feature is the way to match different pieces, different from traditional match-3 games.

Instead of swapping the stones to create combos, players must arrange the puzzle pieces to fit the required shape. The puzzle pieces can be rotated and flipped to match the body, making a fun and unique way to play.

In Jewel Vampire Castle, the match puzzle also provides players with different challenges with different levels of difficulty. Players must use their thinking ability and puzzle skills to overcome puzzles and get attractive rewards.

The novel matching puzzle feature in Jewel Vampire Castle sets itself apart and attracts players with its unique and challenging gameplay.

Various levels

Jewel Vampire Castle APK has many different levels for players to explore. The game gives players an exciting and varied experience from easy to challenging levels.

The game levels are designed with increasing difficulty, from basic to advanced, helping players experience new and exciting challenges. Each class has a specific goal, including destroying stones of the same colour or completing matching puzzles.

In addition, Jewel Vampire Castle also offers exceptional and challenging levels, like a timed play level or a racing level. These levels give players new and unique experiences, increasing the game’s fun and excitement on MODAPKOKI.

With various levels, Jewel Vampire Castle provides players with rich and engaging experiences and helps improve players’ gaming skills.

High score

A high score is one of the critical factors for players to compete and challenge their skills in Jewel Vampire Castle APK mod. The game allows players to save their scores and compare them with the scores of other players on the leaderboard.

The player’s score is calculated based on time to complete and a number of combos or pieces destroyed. Players can try to get a higher score or outdo themselves by improving their gaming skills.

The high score in Jewel Vampire Castle keeps players entertained and motivated to play the game regularly and improve their skills. At the same time, it also creates a healthy competitive atmosphere among players and helps increase the challenge and excitement of the game.

Many missions and colourful

Jewel Vampire Castle APK 1.24.2 has many quests and colourful, creating a diverse and engaging gaming experience. In the game, players must complete various tasks, from destroying stones of the same colour to putting fragments together to create a complete image.

The images in the game are designed in detail and have a high aesthetic, from the sparkling stones to the small information about the paired images. At the same time, the sound and background music are also meticulously cared for, creating an exciting and lively gaming experience.

Create a world full of magic with Jewel Vampire Castle

Jewel Vampire Castle is a puzzle game full of fun, with many quests and colourful, creating a diverse and attractive gaming space. In particular, this game has a novel matching puzzle, helping players have unique and exciting experiences.

In addition, with high scores and leaderboards, players will feel the challenge and healthy competition among other players.

With many attractive and diverse features, Jewel Vampire Castle MOD APK (Auto Win) is a gaming puzzle game worth playing today. Download this game on now and explore its magical world!

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