Idle Girls

Idle Girls MOD 1.94 Free App Purchase APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameIdle Girls
PublisherAmrita Studio
Version1.94 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesFree App Purchase
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJuly 8, 2023 (11 months ago)
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Introduce about Idle Girls

Idle Girls MOD APK (Free App Purchase) is an idle mobile game developed by Amrita Studio. In this game, the player will be playing the role of a dancer club manager and looking for talented girls to join his team.

Players must hire and train dancers, enhance their skills and equip them to perform better and attract customers. At the same time, players also need to manage finances and upgrade the club’s facilities to attract more customers and increase revenue.

Building Hotel

As you build the hotel, you can attract more customers and increase the revenue for the club.

When building a hotel, you must find suitable land to build on. Then it would be best to manage your finances to invest in building and upgrading your hotel. Different hotel upgrades will give you other benefits, including an increased room and improved customer service.

As your hotel grows, you must hire more staff to manage hotel operations, including welcoming, helping and serving guests. You also need to monitor your customers’ happiness to ensure they are satisfied with your services and become loyal customers.

In Idle Girls, building hotels is an essential part of the Idle Girls game, helping you to attract more customers and increase revenue for your dance club. It would be best if you managed finances and staff to ensure smooth and efficient hotel operations.

Possibility to exploit different rooms

Here are some hotel room types you can exploit in Idle Girls APK:

The standard room is the most basic room type, suitable for customers looking for simple and affordable entertainment.

Premium Rooms: Premium rooms cost more and are fully equipped with luxury amenities for customers who desire a more luxurious experience.

Family room: this is a more significant room type and can meet the needs of families travelling together.

Fitness room: this room type is equipped with exercise equipment to serve customers who want to stay healthy while travelling.

Conference room: conference room is designed to hold meetings, seminars, and training for business customers or representatives of companies on MODAPKOKI.

Exploiting different room types in your hotel will help you attract various customers and increase revenue for your dancing club. You must invest in upgrading and equipping the hotel rooms to meet customers’ needs and achieve the best business performance.


In the game Idle Girls MOD APK, there are many different gifts for you to receive. Here are some examples of the skills you can get in Idle Girls APK mod:

Gold coins: the in-game currency used to buy land, build hotels, and upgrade the dancers’ club facilities.

Experience Points: as you complete missions and reach progress milestones in the game, you will receive experience points, which help you level up and unlock new in-game features.

Items: items such as clothing, accessories, and decorations that can be used to decorate your dancer’s club or for your dancers to wear.

Premium card: this special card helps you increase your income and level up faster in the game.

Treasure: you can find hidden gems in the game and get rewards like gold coins, experience points and unique items.

These gifts all help you grow your dancer club and achieve the best business performance in the game. You must work hard on tasks and look for opportunities to receive these gifts.

Hotel expansion

Here are some steps to expand your hotel in Idle Girls APK 1.94:

Buy more land: To broaden your hotel, you must buy more land to build new hotel rooms. You can purchase new land using gold coins or complete quests for more gold coins.

Build new hotel rooms: Once you have purchased new land, you can start building new hotel rooms. You must invest gold coins and time to make new hotel rooms and upgrade their facilities.

Recruit more staff: As you expand your hotel, you need to hire more staff to ensure that you have enough people to serve your guests. You can recruit more dancers, receptionists, room attendants and maintenance staff.

Advertising: Once you have expanded your hotel and have more hotel rooms, you need to advertise to attract customers to your hotel. You can use advertising channels such as television, newspapers and social networks to reach customers.

Hotel expansion is a long process and requires a lot of investment, but it will help you to increase your revenue and achieve the best business performance in the game Idle Girls.

Be a successful hotel owner in the game Idle Girls

Idle Girls game is fun and exciting for people who love the time management game genre. With various features such as building hotels, managing staff and providing the best service to customers, the game gives players real business experiences and helps them become hotel owners. Success. Try your hand at this game and become one of the most talented hoteliers in the virtual world of Idle Girls MOD APK (Free App Purchase).