Idle Burger Tycoon

Idle Burger Tycoon MOD 2.5.6 Upgrade Costs APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameIdle Burger Tycoon
PublisherClicker Games
Version2.5.6 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUpgrade Costs
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJuly 8, 2023 (11 months ago)
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Introduce about Idle Burger Tycoon

Idle Burger Tycoon MOD APK (Upgrade Costs) is a business simulation and management game developed by Rogue Games. In this game, the player will be a businessman and manage a chain of burger shops, from researching and developing products, managing employees, purchasing equipment, enhancing the advertising system. and expanding the market to attract customers.

The game has simple and accessible gameplay; players must perform the assigned tasks and use the money earned to upgrade their shop. The activities in the game take place in real-time, and players can make profits without having to play directly.

Empire building

Empire building is an important feature that helps players develop their store system quickly. This feature allows players to invest in other companies and stores to collect profits and expand their market.

Players can choose to invest in companies related to the food industry, such as a food manufacturer, advertising agency, shipping company or even a burger chain competing for market share. Each company will have a different level of investment, and the profit earned also corresponds to the player’s acquisition level.

In Idle Burger Tycoon, when building an empire, players must also manage relationships with their partner companies to ensure a strong relationship and continue cooperating for mutual development. The Empire Building feature is integral to the game, allowing players to scale their businesses and increase their profits.

Earn many items

Here are some examples of items that players can earn:

Currency: As the main item in Idle Burger Tycoon APK, players can make money by selling burgers, investing in other companies, or achieving objectives and quest rewards.

Building materials: To upgrade your shop, players must collect building materials such as wood, steel, concrete,… These are essential items that help players expand their business scale. Me.

Items used in the shop: Besides building materials, players also need cooking pots, meat grinders, ice cream machines, … to operate their shops. Players can buy or upgrade these devices with the money they earn.

Special items: During some special events or when achieving specific goals, players can get special items such as costumes, accessories, and things that speed up working in the shop…

These items are all essential in developing the player’s shop. So it is necessary to use them appropriately to achieve the best effect in the business and development process.

Cum a lot of money

Players need to apply effective strategies and management skills to earn a lot of money in Idle Burger Tycoon. Here are some ways to make a lot of money in Idle Burger Tycoon APK mod:

Shop Upgrade: Players need to upgrade their shop to be able to sell more burgers and earn more money. Upgrades can include purchasing more equipment, increasing the number of seats, upgrading equipment, and upgrading production technology.

Invest in other companies: Players can invest in different companies, such as food companies, shipping companies or advertising agencies, to receive profits and increase sales for their stores.

Complete missions: During the game, players receive quests with corresponding rewards. Completing these missions earns players a lot of money and essential items on MODAPKOKI.

Use skills at the right time: In this game, players can use skills such as increasing production speed, selling prices or attracting customers. Using abilities at the right time helps players earn more money.

Take advantage of events: Players can earn more money and essential items during special events. Taking advantage of the event to make a lot of money and things is one of the critical strategies to help players grow their stores quickly.

In short, players need to use some effective strategy and management skills to make a lot of money in Idle Burger Tycoon. The most important thing is taking advantage of opportunities to earn a lot of money and upgrade your store.

Rotation luck

In many online and mobile games today, the Wheel of Fortune is a popular feature that allows players to receive valuable rewards such as coins, items, gift cards or pieces—Other special bonuses.

In Idle Burger Tycoon APK 2.5.6, there is also a Wheel of Fortune feature; players can spin the Wheel every day to get rewards

such as coins, items, experience or even unique burgers. Each time the Wheel of Fortune spins, the player will spend a certain amount of money.

In addition, during special events, the game can also open unique Wheels of Fortune, allowing players to spin for more valuable rewards. However, to get a chance to spin the unique Wheel of Fortune, players usually have to complete quests or reach certain levels.

The Wheel of Fortune feature not only gives players the joy and excitement of getting valuable rewards but also helps them get more money and essential items to grow their shop. However, players also need to pay attention to using the Wheel of Fortune so as not to waste their money and resources.

Enjoy the fun of building and trading in Idle Burger Tycoon

In Idle Burger Tycoon, players will experience the excitement and fun of building and managing a burger chain. With beautiful, vivid sound and exciting gameplay, the game gives players an exciting and engaging gaming experience. From researching new burger recipes to expanding stores, hiring employees and joining businesses, players will experience the joy and excitement of building and growing an empire. Make your burger. If you want an entertaining game, try playing Idle Burger Tycoon MOD APK (Upgrade Costs) and become a successful businessman!