Idle Air Force Base

Idle Air Force Base MOD 3.8.1 Unlimited Money APK

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NameIdle Air Force Base
PublisherNeon Play
Version3.8.1 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedOctober 27, 2023 (8 months ago)
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Introduce about Idle Air Force Base

Idle Air Force Base MOD APK (Unlimited Money) on MODAPKOKI is a management simulation game developed by the developer Iron Horse Games. In this game, players will be airbase managers, where aircraft are maintained, upgraded, and refueled.

Players will have to build buildings and infrastructure to serve the air base operation. Player missions include managing flights, gathering and using resources to upgrade aircraft, recruiting and training pilots, improving base infrastructure, and more.

Idle Air Force Base has a progression system and various levels for players to challenge and develop their base. In addition, the game also features sharing achievements with friends via social networking platforms.

Compete in a variety of battles and wars

In Idle Air Force Base, players can participate in battles and wars to compete with other players worldwide.

Battles are short-term matches between two players in which each player deploys their planes to attack and defend the opponent’s base. Players can use special skills and equipment to improve their aircraft’s combat ability and defeat opponents.

Wars are events that last for a period in which players compete for victory on the global leaderboard. Players compete with thousands of other players in battle, using tactics and resources to attack and defend their base. Winning the war can bring valuable rewards and fame points to the player.

The battles and battles in Idle Air Force Base allow players to show off their fighting prowess and challenge other players worldwide.

Upgrade the plane

Players must use resources such as money, fuel, diamonds, and unique items to upgrade the plane. Players can collect these resources by completing quests, producing in buildings on their base, or buying with real money through in Idle Air Force Base APK transactions.

As planes are upgraded, they can perform more missions and perform better in battles. Players can upgrade various aircraft elements, including engine, speed, fuel capacity, offensive and defensive capabilities, and more.

In addition, players can also buy and unlock new aircraft types to expand their collection and have more options for battles and wars. Each aircraft type has unique combat characteristics and capabilities, providing players with various ways to participate in the game’s activities.

Complete difficult missions

These missions include defeating strong opponents, successfully attacking and defending in battles and wars, gathering rare resources to upgrade aircraft, and completing particular objectives Like conquering problematic terrain areas.

These challenging missions require players with tactical skills, resource management, and patience to achieve success. However, when completing these missions, players will be rewarded with valuable rewards such as money, diamonds, and unique items, which help them improve the combat ability of the plane and progress to new challenges—a new challenge in Idle Air Force Base APK mod.

Completing challenging missions in Idle Air Force Base gives players new challenges and helps them improve their skills and combat abilities in this game.

Build fleets

Players need to unlock resources, produce buildings, and make the necessary upgrades to build a fleet. After acquiring the necessary resources and elements, the player can build his warships by choosing from various ships with distinct characteristics and attack abilities. And different defenses.

Fleets can participate in ocean wars to defeat other opponents and gather necessary resources. In addition, players can also upgrade their fleet to increase their combat ability and performance.

The player can use resources such as money, diamonds, and unique items to upgrade the fleet. However, to achieve higher upgrade items, players must complete quests and collect rare resources.

Building fleets in Idle Air Force Base APK 3.8.1 gives players many opportunities to participate in ocean wars and helps them expand their range of activities in this game.

The ultimate strategy game about planes and fleets

With unique gameplay, beautiful visuals, and vivid sound, Idle Air Force Base is a game worth a try for all players. Besides, participating in battles, building and upgrading fleets, completing challenging missions, and competing with other players are exciting experiences that the game brings. If you want an ultimate strategy game about aircraft and fleets, try playing Idle Air Force Base MOD APK (Unlimited Money) and become a winner in dramatic matches.