Hungry Dragon

Hungry Dragon MOD 5.2 Unlimited Money APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameHungry Dragon
PublisherUbisoft Entertainment
Version5.2 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.4
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedSeptember 26, 2023 (9 months ago)
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V1: Unlimited Money



  1. Unlimited Coins
  2. Unlimited Gems


  1. God Mode
  2. Auto Revive
  3. Score Points
  4. Unlimited Boost
  5. Unlimited Fury Ability
  6. Unlimited Mega Rush
  7. Enabled Survival Bonus
  8. Always Found Egg
  9. Collect All Daily Treasures


  1. Unlocked Pet
  2. Unlocked Dragon
  3. Unlocked Skin
  4. Unlocked Map
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Introduce about Hungry Dragon

Hungry Dragon MOD APK, the pinnacle in the gaming industry by Ubisoft Entertainment! Immerse yourself in a colourful and crazy adventure with this game, where you will become a greedy dragon, slaying and attracting players worldwide.

Hungry Dragon takes you into a world full of change and danger, where you will show off your highly avid hunting abilities. As a ferocious dragon, you aim to fly across diverse environments, including jungles, hot deserts, bustling towns, and even mysterious caves. At the same time, you need to attack and eat creatures and items along the way to cultivate strength and become stronger.

Interestingly, in the world of Hungry Dragon, there is no limit to the gold size of the Dragon you can control. You will discover a variety of dragons, from cute little ones to terrifying giants, each with unique abilities and unique characteristics. Along with upgrading your Dragon’s skills and strength, you can become the ruler of the sky, confronting disasters and mighty powers.

The world is exquisitely crafted with stunning detail, while the immersive audio faithfully reproduces the sound of your Dragon and the life around you.

So what else do you hesitate? Prepare for unlimited adventure with Ubisoft Entertainment’s Hungry Dragon, and prove you are the most incredible Dragon in the game world!

Soaring in the sky with a hunger to eat

Players will experience the feeling of soaring in the sky with the relentless desire to eat and drink from ferocious dragons. With each Dragon, their hunger never stops, and your task is to help them find and eat a lot of delicious food to nourish their strength.

Flying through the air, you’ll explore beautiful and diverse environments such as lush jungles, harsh deserts, bustling towns and more. These are treacherous and exciting lands where you will encounter wild creatures, monsters and even other dragons, all delicious targets to destroy and eat.

Your Dragon will grow stronger and more fearsome with increased strength and skills. You can upgrade them to increase flight speed, and attack power and even unlock special abilities unique to each type of Dragon. Your progress will make the Dragon more and more terrible and also open an opportunity to explore different areas and face new challenges.

Soaring through the sky in Hungry Dragon is not only for eating but also for exploring, demonstrating skills and becoming the ruler of the air. Prepare for a great adventure where you will feel the satisfaction of food cravings and unlimited adventure fun in the sky.

Explore the diverse and dangerous world

Each environment offers surprises and challenges, from tropical jungles to harsh deserts, from icy mountains to mysterious caves.

The world’s diversity will be demonstrated during your adventure by encountering diverse creatures, from wild beasts to strange monsters. At the same time, you will also have to face dangers lurking from other predators, sophisticated traps and even battles with other dragons.

Each environment and area in Hungry Dragon APK has unique and exciting characteristics. You can explore dark caves, learn the secrets, or fly through dangerous jungles with dense trees. However, beware of the harsh desert, which offers a series of harsh and dangerous challenges you must overcome.

The diversity and danger of the world in Hungry Dragon give players a sense of thrill and adventure. You must use all your skill and intelligence to avoid dangers, attack and eat strategically. At the same time, discovering new destinations also provides constant stimulation and surprise.

So what are you waiting for? Prepare for a thrilling adventure and explore the diverse and dangerous world of Ubisoft Entertainment’s Hungry Dragon!

Break all barriers and become the ruler of the sky

You can knock down all barriers and become a ruler in the sky, holding absolute power. With an insatiable thirst for food, your Dragon will relentlessly attack and destroy everything in its path.

Fly through the air at breakneck speed, overcome all obstacles, jump through the woods and climb to the top of the mountain. Nothing is impossible with the power of the Dragon. Dense trees and dangerous rocks won’t stop you. Enjoy freedom and strength as you knock all the barriers in the sky.

Becoming a ruler requires physical strength, intelligence, and combat skills. Find the enemy’s weak points and attack tactically. Use your Dragon’s unique abilities to take down powerful opponents. Don’t let anyone stand in your way on your way to becoming the ruler of the sky.

Power and domination come from destroying everything around. Show your Dragon’s ferocity and might as you attack, destroy, and cannibalize every creature and item in your path. You will become the ruler, feared and respected in the sky.

Prepare for unlimited adventure and become the ruler of the sky in Hungry Dragon APK mod. Knock down all barriers and claim your limitless power!

Conquer diverse environments from jungles to hot deserts

In the thrilling adventure of Hungry Dragon APK 5.2, you will conquer diverse environments, from vast jungles to hot deserts, discovering each environment’s wonders.

When flying into the jungle, you will be absorbed in looking at the shady trees and fragrant flowers. But do not stop the flight because the jungle also contains many dangers and challenges. Show your dragon control skills to dodge the obstacle trees and attack the delicious prey.

As you conquer the hot desert, you will face another harsh challenge. Hot weather, hot sand and harsh environments require you to find a way to survive. Search for water sources to keep the Dragon from thirsting while attacking easy prey in this sizzling landscape.

Conquering environments ranging from jungles to hot deserts is a show of your flying skills and a chance to discover exciting things. Each environment offers an entirely different experience, from the landscape to the creatures that live in it. Prepare for hidden challenges and dangers and enjoy the diversity of Hungry Dragon’s world.

With Hungry Dragon, you can explore and conquer diverse environments, from jungles to hot deserts. Get ready to face challenges and enjoy unlimited adventure in this country.

Satisfy your thirst for a hunting adventure

In Hungry Dragon MOD APK, you will experience a fascinating adventure where the Dragon’s thirst for prey never stops. From soaring through the sky and knocking down barriers to conquering environments ranging from jungles to hot deserts, you’ll enjoy laughs, thrills, and unbelievable fun.

Get ready to be the ruler of the sky and satisfy your Dragon’s insatiable hunger for food in this game. Conquer diverse environments and overcome all challenges to become the most powerful Dragon and rule the air.

Ubisoft Entertainment’s Hungry Dragon takes you on an unforgettable adventure. Join Hungry Dragon MOD APK (Unlimited Money) on MODAPKOKI now and explore this game’s exciting and adventurous world, where you will become the ruler of the sky and satisfy your hunger for food!