GENESIS MOD 1.3.8 Menu, Auto Win APK

Posted by Bui Thao
PublisherUBIS Inc.
Version1.3.8 (Latest)
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Auto Win
SupportAndroid 6.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedJune 28, 2023 (12 months ago)

Introduce about GENESIS

GENESIS MOD APK (Menu, Auto Win) is an excellent role-playing game (RPG) developed by Studio 8Bit. GENESIS will transport players into a world full of magic, dramatic battles, and mysteries to be solved. The game possesses unique and diverse features, from character customization and various combat systems to independent levels, brutal boss fights and many rich missions. GENESIS promises to be one of the best RPG titles players cannot ignore.

Fight through time and space with the SRPG.

Using time and space as the basis for plot and combat, players must use strategic thinking to conquer brutal battles. GENESIS offers players various characters with various skills and equipment, allowing players to customize their armies to deal with different challenges. GENESIS’ SRPG action requires players to think carefully and make smart strategic decisions to win. If you are a lover of the SRPG genre, experience now GENESIS to become a victorious leader in the battle through time and space.

Explore the stronghold of Genesis in the adventure of heroes.

You will be led on a challenging and unexpected adventure with heroes. With a mission to explore the stronghold of Genesis, players will have to overcome complex challenges and confront dark forces to protect and regain the sanctuary temple for the earl and the people. Besides, the heroes also have many unique skills and legendary weapons to help them defeat the enemy and conquer the Genesis stronghold.

Possess more than 300 various weapons.

These weapons include rifles, shotguns, machine guns, submachine guns, rocket launchers, mobile assault ammunition guns (AT4), anti-aircraft ammunition guns (SAMs) and many more—Other weapons.

Each weapon has its features and characteristics, plus customization with a wide range of options and enhancements; players can create various gear to use in battles. Besides, the game GENESIS also provides players with many different game modes to experience and challenge their weapon skills.

With more than 300 various weapons and animated features, GENESIS Mod gives players variety and fun during the game experience.

Explore the colourful and varied world of Terrain.

The Terrain in GENESIS APK mod (Menu, Auto Win) is designed with diversity and incredible detail, providing a great gaming experience for players. From verdant hills and luxuriant forests to white sand deserts and mysterious caves, the world in GENESIS is colourful and unique. Terrain also affects the player’s gaming experience, especially during adventure quests, treasure hunts, and monster battles. With a delicate terrain design and a compelling storyline, GENESIS MOD APK will make players enjoy and immerse themselves in this mysterious magical world.

Improve your army’s capabilities with a diverse upgrade system.

GENESIS APK is not only an exciting SRPG game but also provides players with a diverse upgrade system that enhances the capacity and strength of their army. Players can improve the character’s skills and algorithms and upgrade equipment and ammunition to increase strength and combat effectiveness. The upgrade system also allows players to discover new features and collect valuable resources to create unique weapons, equipment, and decorations. With GENESIS’s rich upgrade system, players can sharpen their skills, strengthen their armies, and experience new and unique strategies to win challenging matches.

A dramatic and unexpected journey to the stronghold of Genesis

With attractive gameplay and an exciting storyline, GENESIS has given players a dramatic and unexpected experience. From exploring the castle structures of Genesis and finding items that strengthen the character to confronting the dark forces, the game GENESIS always gives players moments of relaxation—True relaxation and challenge. Let’s step into the world of GENESIS and experience the thrill and tension when confronting opponents full of tricks, learn and solve the mysteries behind the stronghold GENESIS MOD Menu on MODAPKOKI.