Galaxy Splitter

Galaxy Splitter MOD 2.1.8 Unlimited Credits/Crystals/Faction Pt/VIP Points APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameGalaxy Splitter
Publisherupjers GmbH
Version2.1.8 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Credits/Crystals/Faction Pt/VIP Points
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedSeptember 29, 2023 (9 months ago)
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Introduce about Galaxy Splitter

Galaxy Splitter MOD APK (Unlimited Credits/Crystals/Faction Pt/VIP Points) is a free online game developed by upjers GmbH. In this game, players will act as central operators on a space station, where they can build and manage freight systems to generate profits.

The game begins with a small space station, but the player can expand his station by purchasing new modules and upgrading existing structures. Players can also hire staff to help them operate the station and increase productivity.

Meanwhile, players must also manage resources and produce goods to sell to customers on other planets. These planets have different requirements for goods and prices, so players must calculate and manage their finances to achieve the highest profit.

Interstellar peace is at stake

Interstellar peace is part of the plot in Galaxy Splitter. In this game, the player must compete with other alien empires to gain profits and expand his space station. However, sometimes this competition can lead to wars and conflicts between the parties.

Interstellar peace is threatened in the game because different empires compete for resources and markets. This could lead to conflicts and wars between kingdoms; in that case, interstellar peace would be threatened.

To ensure interstellar peace is maintained, players can try to find negotiated solutions and cooperate with other empires. Establishing friendly relationships with partners will also help reduce risks and maintain peace throughout our space system.

Accept the quest

These missions include different requirements, such as producing a quantity of goods, building new structures, or delivering goods to other planets.

Accepting and completing quests in the game is very important, as it will help players earn money and experience, which in turn helps them expand the space station and achieve in-game goals.

In Galaxy Splitter APK, completing missions will also unlock achievements and rewards for players and help them progress to more complex tasks and achieve higher in the game.

However, missions can also require players to invest a lot of time and resources, so players must consider and manage their resources intelligently to complete the tasks on MODAPKOKI.

Various types of ammo

Here are some examples of the ammo types available in Galaxy Splitter APK mod:

Jet Bullets: Used to increase speed and make spaceships faster.

Laser bullet: A powerful laser bullet that can shoot down enemies quickly.

Electric Bullet: This projectile causes destruction and deals damage to all nearby enemies.

Reactive Bullets: These projectiles create a powerful explosion when fired, striking and destroying enemies.

Controlled Bullets: This ammo can be directed to track enemies and ensure more accurate damage.

Anti-carrier ammunition: This ammunition is designed to counter aircraft carriers and other fighter aircraft.

Missile: This type of ammunition acts like a missile and can shoot down targets at a distance.

These bullets have different features and applications, allowing players to customize their tactics and use the correct ammunition to defeat the enemy and protect their space station.

Upgrade combat power

Players can upgrade their spaceship’s combat power and ammunition to defeat enemies and protect their space station. Here are some ways to boost your combat power in Galaxy Splitter APK 2.1.8:

Spaceship Upgrades: Players can upgrade their spaceships by purchasing upgrades, such as expanding storage capacity or increasing ship speed. These upgrades can also improve a ship’s offensive and defensive capabilities.

Ammo Upgrades: Players can upgrade their ammo types to increase their power and impact. These upgrades can increase ammo’s power, speed, or accuracy.

Use support items: In the game, there are support items such as protection, speed increase, or ammo power increase. Players can use them to improve their spaceship’s combat capabilities.

Focus on quests and combat: Players can focus on completing quests and fighting to earn money and experience, which can purchase new upgrades to improve their battle prowess.

The upgrade of combat power is significant in Galaxy Splitter, helping players defeat enemies and protect their space station effectively.

Fight for interstellar peace

Galaxy Splitter MOD APK (Unlimited Credits/Crystals/Faction Pt/VIP Points) is an interesting and exciting game with stunning and varied gameplay. Fighting for interstellar peace and protecting the space station is a real challenge. Still, with a variety of ammo and upgrading the battle power of the spaceship, players will become space heroes—Tower in this game. Join the fun and experience the dramatic and exciting battles and battles!