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File Manager MOD 7.0.0 Premium Subscription Unlocked APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameFile Manager
PublisherFile Manager Plus
Version7.0.0 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesPremium Subscription Unlocked
Price FREE
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UpdatedNovember 3, 2023 (8 months ago)
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Introduce about File Manager

File Manager Plus MOD APK – the leading file manager app for your mobile! The world is increasingly developing in technology, and the number of files and data is also increasing. This requires a powerful, convenient and reliable file management tool to deal with the files and folders in our easy devices. And for that reason, File Manager Plus was born to help you enjoy the best file management experience on your mobile phone.

It’s never been easier to find, copy, move, delete and organize files and folders. You won’t have to worry about sporadic files getting lost or confused between folders. The application provides a user-friendly interface and integrates many intelligent features, saving you time and effort in managing your data.

Easily browse, search and view files

With a user-friendly interface and intelligent features, data management has never been easier and more convenient.

User-friendly and easy-to-use interface: File Manager Plus has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and find files naturally, even for users unfamiliar with file applications.

Powerful search: Integrated with an intelligent search engine, File Manager lets you quickly locate and access the files you need without wandering through each folder.

File preview: The advanced in-app file viewer supports multiple formats, allowing you to view the contents of files right within the app without opening an external application.

Folder management: The application provides optimal folder management, helping you organize your data clearly and orderly.

Quick access to recently archived files: You can easily access recently opened files without having to search again.

Integrated copy, move and delete options: With a few simple taps, you can perform tasks like copying, moving and deleting files quickly and conveniently.

Share files over Wi-Fi: File Manager Plus offers Wi-Fi file sharing, making sending and receiving files from other devices easy without using a USB cable.

Quickly browsing, searching and viewing files has never been simpler and more efficient with File Manager Plus. Explore the app now to experience the convenience and power of mobile data management.

Save time with quick file copy, move and delete

It is a powerful tool that saves you time and effort managing data on your mobile phone. Here are ways it helps you stay productive:

Copy files easily: With File Manager Mod, you can copy one or more files simultaneously in just a few simple taps. You need to select the files to copy, select the “Copy” option and then select the destination folder to complete the copying. This saves time compared to moving each file manually.

Move files quickly: When rearranging files into different folders or moving files from one folder to another, File Manager Plus’s move feature makes it quick and easy. Select the file to move, select the “Move” option, and then select the destination folder – the move will be done in no time.

Conveniently delete files: When you need to free up storage space on your phone, File Manager Plus’s file deletion feature will be a lifesaver. Select the unnecessary files and select the “Delete” option, then confirm the deletion – the file will disappear quickly, saving you time compared to deleting each file individually.

Simple and efficient: File Manager Plus’s copy, move and delete features are designed to be extremely simple and easy to use. Performing these tasks takes only a few simple steps, helping you finish the job quickly and efficiently.

No more wasting time dragging and dropping individual files or searching for complicated options. Instead, you’ll save time and focus on other important work on your mobile phone.

Share files easily over a Wi-Fi connection

This allows you to transfer files between your mobile phone and other devices on the same Wi-Fi network quickly and conveniently without using cables or connecting to the Internet. Here are the benefits and how it works:

Fast file transfers: With Wi-Fi sharing, you can transfer large files or multiple files at once quickly and efficiently. This is useful when sharing images, videos, audio files or text documents with family, friends or colleagues.

No need for cables or the Internet: Wi-Fi sharing allows you to transfer data between devices over a shared Wi-Fi network. This means you don’t need a USB cable or an Internet connection to share files, saving you time and worrying about connectivity issues.

Security and privacy: File Manager mod (Premium Subscription Unlocked) 7.0.0 uses a direct Wi-Fi connection between devices on the same network, so your files won’t be stored on third-party servers. This ensures the privacy and security of the data you share.

Easy to use: Wi-Fi sharing is smartly and efficiently integrated into the File Manager Plus app interface. Select the file you want to share, select the “Share over Wi-Fi” option, and the app will provide a QR code or an IP address that allows another device to connect and download the file conveniently.

Transferring data between mobile devices is simpler and more convenient than ever. Whenever you need to share data, use this feature for fast and secure file transfers.

Efficient data management

This application provides a wide range of features and tools that help you organize and browse through files and folders in an easy and orderly manner. Here are the ways that File Manager Plus MOD APK helps you manage data effectively:

Intelligent search and sort: The application’s powerful search feature lets you quickly locate the necessary files in your archive. You can search by file name, extension, or even the file’s contents. In addition, the application allows one to sort files and folders by multiple criteria, making it easy to realize the arrangement and classification of data.

Folder management: File Manager APK provides ultimate folder management, allowing you to create, rename, move, copy and delete folders quickly. You can organize your data into folders to suit your needs and preferences.

Advanced file viewer: The application integrates an advanced file viewer, which helps you to view the contents of files directly from the application without opening an external application. This saves time and makes it easy to view file contents quickly.

Quick access to recently archived files: File Manager Plus on MODAPKOKI remembers files you have opened recently and provides quick access, saving you time when searching for important files.

File security: The app allows you to secure private files with a fingerprint lock or PIN, ensuring that only authorized users access your important files.

Manage data innovatively and conveniently

Easily browse, search and view files, save time with copy, move and delete features, Wi-Fi file sharing, and efficient data management, File Manager Plus MOD APK is a trusted partner for data management on your mobile phone.

With a friendly interface and innovative features, we believe the application will help you become an expert in managing files and folders on your mobile phone. Download the app today and experience the great benefits of File Manager APK mod (Premium Subscription Unlocked)!