Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World MOD 1.2.12 Unlimited Digging Moves APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameDinosaur World
PublisherEvrika Games LLC
Version1.2.12 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Digging Moves
SupportAndroid 6.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedSeptember 3, 2023 (10 months ago)
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Introduce about Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World MOD APK (Unlimited Digging Moves) – one of today’s most unique and interesting dinosaur video games. Dinosaur World is a role-playing game with where players will conquer and experience the most famous dinosaurs in world history. From the mischievous Velociraptor to the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex, all will be faithfully and vividly recreated in Dinosaur World. Let’s explore this prehistoric world, search for dinosaurs, gather resources and build a haven for them.

Explore the world of adventure dinosaurs

Dinosaur World is an adventure game where players are transported into a world of living dinosaurs. In the game, you can explore unspoiled lands and defeat giant creatures in search of treasure.

You will step into the role of an adventurer and use your skills and equipment to approach dinosaurs and find valuable artefacts. You will have to face complex challenges to win and collect priceless treasures.

Dinosaur World also offers unique features for players to enjoy the game. You can customize and upgrade your equipment and tools to increase your strength and combat ability. Besides, you can participate in multiplayer activities and win attractive prizes.

Explore the mysterious fossil world

In Dinosaur World Mod, fossils are integral to exploring the dinosaur world. We can dig and unearth fossils to learn about extinct dinosaurs and use them to upgrade and strengthen existing relics. In this article, we’ll explore the mysterious fossil world of Dinosaur World, learn how to dig and unearth fossils and provide tips and strategies for finding the most precious fossils. In addition, the article also introduces details on how to use fossils to upgrade and strengthen dinosaurs, helping players to fight more effectively in the challenging world of dinosaurs. Of Dinosaur World MOD APK.

Become a curator of a classic museum

Players can freely create their museum with dinosaur skeletons, skins and other items with Dinosaur World. Players can also decide how the museum should be developed, from choosing the type of dinosaur to display to renovating the museum’s area.

Besides, players can also manage their museum by keeping customers happy and increasing the museum’s income. In addition, you can also research and shop for new types of ancient animals to add to your museum.

With Dinosaur World APK, you will become the curator of the classic museum, responsible for building and developing your museum.

Upgrade and strengthen the dinosaur army

In the game, players will become a dinosaur pet house and build an incredible dinosaur zoo. To become a good player, you must upgrade dinosaurs and increase their power.

The upgrade system in Dinosaur World is diverse and exciting. Players can enhance each dinosaur’s strength, speed, stamina and defence. You can also buy and add new armor for dinosaurs to help them become more assertive in matches.

In addition, Dinosaur World also provides players with various tools and accessories to assist in upgrading and strengthening their dinosaur army. For example, the ancient stone to upgrade the dinosaur’s abilities, the flint stone to activate new armour and many other items.

With this diverse and rich upgrade and power-up system, players will feel satisfied and excited to build the strongest dinosaur army in Dinosaur World.

Unlock new map

In Dinosaur World APK mod 1.2.12, players can explore many different areas of the dinosaur world by unlocking new maps.

Players must complete quests and challenges in the unlocked areas to unlock the new map. Each site will have different missions, from gathering resources, hunting dinosaurs and exploring new caves and terrain.

When completing enough quests in that area, the player will receive several stars and unlock new maps. The new map will feature different locations with new dinosaur species, more complex terrains, and the opportunity to explore a larger dinosaur world.

In addition, players can also unlock new maps by gaining certain experience levels and unlocking each area in a particular order.

In short, to unlock the new map in the game Dinosaur World, players must complete quests and challenges in the unlocked areas or gain certain levels of experience. Opening the new map will allow players to explore the larger dinosaur world and experience new things in the game.

Explore the prehistoric world full of adventure

Dinosaur World will make players feel like they are entering a prehistoric world full of adventure and attraction. Let’s experience exciting moments, discover famous dinosaurs and discover the secrets of this prehistoric world. Dinosaur World APK mod (Unlimited Digging Moves) on MODAPKOKI is waiting for you; join now to become athemost talented dinosaur researcher!