AFK Monster Battle

AFK Monster Battle MOD 1.0.17 Unlimited Money/MENU APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameAFK Monster Battle
PublisherPotato Play
Version1.0.17 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/MENU
SupportAndroid 5.1
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedAugust 8, 2023 (10 months ago)
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Introduce about AFK Monster Battle

AFK Monster Battle MOD APK (Unlimited Money/MENU) is a fun RPG strategy game where you will build and train your army to fight monsters and opponents in action-packed battles. The game’s primary goal is to improve the monsters and build a solid squad to overcome the challenges and quests.

Salient features:

Collect and train monsters: The game allows you to collect hundreds of different types of monsters and train them to become stronger.

Auto Battle: You can let the match happen automatically (AFK – Away From Keyboard) to get experience and rewards even without participating directly.

Tactics and strategy: The game requires you to build a reasonable battle formation and use clever tactics to defeat mighty opponents.

Exploration and Quests: Explore the game’s vast world, completing quests and explorations to earn more rewards and resources.

Rivalry: Challenge and compete with other players to show your strength in PvP (Player against Player) battles.

Different types of heroes

AFK Monster Battle features various heroes or monsters that players can collect and train to participate in battles and quests. Heroes can have unique skills and traits, making each one their unique way of playing and contributing to the match.

For more information about the hero types in AFK Monster Battle, you should join the game’s community and search the game developer’s official website, forum, or channel. These sources often provide details about the game’s features and characters.

Conquest mode

Automatic Combat (AFK – Away From Keyboard): This is the game’s main feature, allowing players to participate in matches without interfering or directly controlling heroes or monsters. Once you’ve built up your squad and sorted out your strategy, you can let the match happen automatically, meaning that heroes and monsters will automatically fight each other. When the match is over, you will get experience and rewards based on the result of the match.

Manual Battle Mode: Besides the AFK mode, the game can offer a manual battle mode for players who want to control the actions of heroes and monsters in battle directly. In this mode, you can choose and control each hero’s actions in battle, such as attacking, using skills, or changing tactics. This can allow players to get deeper into tactical battles and make critical decisions to ensure victory.

Challenge and challenge modes: In “AFK Monster Battle,” you can participate in challenge and challenge modes, in which you take on computer opponents or other players in battles PvP (Player vs. Player) battle. Participating in these modes helps you test the strength of your squad and tactics and earn more rewards and progress in AFK Monster Battle APK.

Earn a gift

You can earn rewards by completing quests and participating in in-game activities. Here are a few ways you can earn in-game rewards:

Complete quests: The game often offers quests and challenges for you to complete. You will receive rewards such as experience, money, and essential resources as you complete these quests.

Participate in Events and Activities: In AFK Monster Battle APK mod, special events and activities such as contests, challenges, or exceptional reward opportunities can be held. Participating in these activities will earn you more rewards.

Fight and win matches: Winning matches, whether PvP or PvE (against the computer), will earn you valuable rewards.

Daily Login: The game often has rewards for daily login. Make sure you log in often to claim this bonus.

Exploration and discovery: Exploring the world and participating in exploratory activities can also earn you valuable rewards and resources.

Hero power upgrade

Upgrade the power of heroes AFK Monster Battle APK 1.0.17 by performing the following actions:

Leveling up: By completing quests, fighting, and winning matches, you will gain experience and gradually level up your hero. Their strengths, attributes, and skills will improve as heroes level up.

Skill Upgrading: Each hero usually has some special skills. You can upgrade skills by using resources such as gems, gold, or other unique resources. As skills upgrade, they will become stronger, deal more damage, or have better effects.

Collect and train monsters: In the game, you can train different types of monsters to become stronger. You can use resources such as food or special materials to upgrade monsters and enhance their fighting ability.

Equipment and Outfit Changes: A hero’s equipment and outfits can affect battle strength and effectiveness. You can collect and upgrade new equipment and change costumes to improve your hero’s strength and appearance.

Use masters AFK Monster Battle MOD APK and cannons: In some games, you can use masters or cannons to improve the hero’s strength. These masters or cannons are often promoted using unique resources and gems.