Village City

Village City MOD 2.1.4 Unlimited Cash/Gold APK

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NameVillage City
Publisher Sparkling Society - Build a Town, City, Village
Version2.1.4 (Latest)
Size 57M
Category Simulation
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Cash/Gold
Support Android 5.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJanuary 20, 2024 (4 months ago)
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Introduce about Village City

Village City MOD APK (Unlimited Cash/Gold) is a town-building simulation game on mobile platforms and web browsers. In this game, the player will be transformed into a city leader tasked with developing and managing his city.

The player starts with an empty piece of land and needs to build buildings, provide services, generate income, and develop the city’s economy. Other factors, such as land, water and resources, will influence the player’s decision to build. Village City also provides many features for players to interact with each other, such as exchanging resources or helping build each other’s cities.

In short, Village City is a fun and engaging city-building game that can give players hours of entertainment and satisfaction when building a city full of amenities.

City upgrade

To upgrade the city in Village City, players need to perform the following steps:

Build and upgrade buildings: First, players need to build structures and provide services to attract residents to settle in the city. Then they need to upgrade the facilities to increase productivity and efficiency.

Resource Enhancement: Players must increase resources to produce the necessary items and services for the city. For example, expanding the agricultural area, catching more fish to have more food sources, and exploiting other resources to serve the city’s development are essential.

Generate income: Players need to generate revenue from different sources, such as taxes, sales, service provision, and business investment, to develop the city and improve the quality of life, For residents.

Enhance infrastructure: Players need to invest in the city’s infrastructure by building roads, bridges, railways, and harbours, ensuring convenient transportation for residents.

Planning development: Players need to shape and develop the city’s plan to ensure sustainable development and meet the needs of residents.

In short, to upgrade the city in Village City, players must focus on building, enhancing resources, generating income, enhancing infrastructure and developing planning.

Customize your city to your liking

In Village City APK, players can customize the city according to their preferences by performing the following steps:

Choice of architectural style: Players can choose the type of architecture that suits their preferences—for example, classical, modern, Asian, European, etc.

Change colours: Players can change the colour of buildings, trees, streets, etc., to suit personal preferences.

Customize green areas: Players can customize green areas in the city by adding plants, flowers, lakes, and more.

Create special zones: Players can create special zones in their city by building structures like amusement parks, museums, stadiums, etc.

Arrange buildings and streets: Players can arrange buildings and streets to create a beautiful and harmonious landscape.

Create memorable events: Players can create special events in their city to attract visitors or residents. For example, organize a flower festival, art exhibition, etc.

In Village City, players can customize their city according to their preferences by choosing architectural styles, changing colours, customizing green areas, creating particular spaces, Arranging buildings and streets, and creating memorable events.

Various buildings

Some of the common building types in Village City APK mod include:

Residential House: A building for residents. In the game, players must build enough houses for residents to live in the city.

Restaurants: Buildings for restaurants and bars. Players need to build restaurants to provide food for residents and earn income for the city.

Factory: Building for the manufacture of products. In the game, players can build factories that produce food, watches, electronics, and many other products to increase income for the city.

Public Works: Buildings for public facilities such as hospitals, schools, police, and health care services.

Commercial buildings: Buildings for shops, supermarkets, retail centres, etc.

High-rise buildings: High-rise buildings are built to represent the city’s growth. Players can build high-rise buildings in the game to increase income and create a beautiful city.

In addition, the game also provides many different types of buildings so players can satisfy their creativity and build a diverse and prosperous city.

Attractive rewards

In Village City APK 2.1.4, players can receive many attractive rewards for achieving goals and completing in-game tasks.

Some special bonuses in the game include:

Gold Coins: As the main currency in the game, players can use it to construct and upgrade buildings, purchase furniture and equipment, and perform other activities.

Experience Points: When players complete missions and build buildings, they will receive experience points to raise their level.

Cards: Used to shop and unlock new buildings and features in the game.

Gift items: These are special items awarded when the player achieves notable achievements in the game.

Attendance: Players will receive rewards for logging in to the game daily, with the prize increasing with the number of consecutive login days.

In addition, players can participate in events and activities in the game to receive special rewards, such as gold coins, cards and gift items.

Enjoy a creative city-building experience

In the game Village City, players will experience building a creative and evolving city with various features and customization options. From choosing construction sites and building buildings to managing finances and upgrading city infrastructure, Village City MOD APK (Unlimited Cash/Gold) is a great entertainment game for lovers of the construction genre. and manage. Join for fun today and become a thriving city manager!

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