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Toy Blast MOD 15264 Unlimited Money/Lives/Infinite Boosters APK

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NameToy Blast
Publisher Peak
Version15264 (Latest)
Size 152M
Category Puzzle
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Lives/Infinite Boosters
Support Android 5.1
Price FREE
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UpdatedMay 20, 2024 (2 days ago)
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Introduce about Toy Blast

Toy Blast MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Lives/Infinite Boosters) is a funny face puzzle game where you will explore various rich levels with cute and funny characters. Your task is to remove the toy blocks by matching them into groups of the same colour. However, do not be overwhelmed by the initial ease, as each level will require the ability to think and strategize to complete the goal.

In Toy Blast, you will explore many interesting and exciting areas, from living rooms to amusement parks and even shopping malls. Each environment offers unique challenges and new toys, giving you a non-stop adventure.

With more than hundreds of levels and regular events and challenges, Toy Blast gives you an addictive and eye-catching gaming experience. This game will surely bring you hours of fun and relaxation.

Discover fun gameplay and jigsaw art

In Toy Blast, you will participate in challenging levels; your main goal is to remove the puzzle pieces by creating good explosions. By matching at least three pieces of the same colour in a horizontal or vertical row, they will disappear from the screen, and you will collect scores. Each level has a specific goal, such as removing a certain number of pieces, rescuing trapped toys, or reaching a target score.

However, not simply putting pieces together, Toy Blast has unique rules and elements to challenge players. You will encounter concrete blocks, forbidden boxes, tied gift boxes, and other obstacles during the game. You must use strategy and logical thinking to overcome these obstacles and complete the goal of each level.

Toy Blast offers a rich system with hundreds of levels to challenge and explore. You’ll progress through more difficult levels, encountering new challenges and discovering special features, like explosive bombs, smashing hammers, and more. In addition, you can also participate in events and challenge your friends to see who has the highest score.

Great daily quest and challenge system

One of the most attractive elements of this game is the daily quest and challenge system, which keeps players fresh with new goals and constant excitement.

Toy Blast MOD APK’s mission system provides players specific objectives for each level. Missions can include collecting a certain amount of a toy, destroying special blocks, or achieving a specified score. By completing missions, the player will progress through the levels and continue to discover new challenges.

In addition, Toy Blast also provides players with daily challenges. These challenges are usually limited in duration and require the player to complete a specific goal within a certain amount of time. This creates a competitive and exciting feeling as players try to get the best out of the limited time.

Completing daily tasks and challenges in Toy Blast APK brings players many benefits and attractive rewards. High scores, gold stars, coins and special items can be collected to unlock new features or improve gameplay. In addition, players’ achievements in missions and challenges can also be compared with friends and other players through leaderboards, creating competition and stimulation in improving playing skills.

Create strong team

In Toy Blast, you can create a powerful and exciting team to cooperate and compete in challenges and events. Check out the details of the team creation process below:

Team up and invite members: You can create or join an existing team. To create a team, create a name and brief description to attract other members. You can then invite your friends or other players to join your team.

Interact and chat: When you join a team, you can interact with other members through the in-game chat system. This helps to create an atmosphere of cooperation and cohesion within the team, as well as to share gaming experiences and strategies.

Fight in events: Game Toy Blast often organizes events and competitions between teams. Participating in these activities allows your team to get a high score and win. This is fun and challenging but also boosts team spirit and creates a sense of competition.

Share gifts and support: In the team, you can share and support each other to go further in the game. This could be free spins, unique gifts, or help to get through challenging levels. Support and sharing among team members create a helpful and supportive environment for everyone.

Team building in Toy Blast APK mod is not only a way to cooperate and compete but also provides connection and the joy of sharing successes with other players.

Explore the colourful universe and make the world more joyful

After hours of fun-filled gameplay, you’ve completed a colourful journey in Toy Blast. Challenging and intellectual games that give you fun and excitement every time you remove blocks from the board. With your ingenuity and skills, you have helped the characters in the game find joy and happiness again.

From tiny toys to tanks, planes, and trains, you’ve made your way through diverse and exciting levels and unlocked new areas in the colourful universe. You have demonstrated creativity and analytical ability to solve puzzles and complete goals.

Through this journey, you have met and befriended lovely and unique characters. You join them in exploring dreamy gardens, amusement parks, and other exciting places. The combination of a sweet plot and intellectual challenge creates an unforgettable experience.

Toy Blast MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Lives/Infinite Boosters) on MODAPKOKI is not only an entertaining game but also gives you joy and satisfaction every time you succeed in removing the toy blocks. You have proven yourself to be a talented and creative player.

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