The Beaten Path

The Beaten Path MOD 0.34 Unlimited Money/MENU/God Mode APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameThe Beaten Path
Publisher Rusty Pug Entertainment
Version0.34 (Latest)
Size 175M
Category Role Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/MENU/God Mode
Support Android 5.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (5 months ago)
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Introduce about The Beaten Path

The Beaten Path MOD APK (Unlimited Money/MENU/God Mode) on MODAPKOKI is a fascinating puzzle adventure game that gives players the experience of exploring a mysterious world full of challenges. In the game, players will be an adventure character searching for the truth about the past and uncovering the shocking secrets of a dangerous land. The Beaten Path will give players relaxing entertainment and complete experimentation.

Fight with monsters

In The Beaten Path, players must face ferocious monsters watching everywhere along the way. Using his skills and weapons, the player must fight to destroy them and keep his character safe. Each monster will have its weakness, so players must learn to take advantage of it and defeat it quickly and effectively. In addition, monsters can also drop valuable items for the player, such as weapons, costumes or pets.

Treasure search

You will go on an adventurous adventure and discover countless exciting destinations. Along the way, you will face a series of monsters and find a way to defeat them to get the treasure. With various skills and equipment, you can fight fierce monster thugs and uncover the world’s shocking secrets in the game. Besides, many challenges and puzzles are waiting for you to experience in The Beaten Path Mod.

Secret discovery

Players will embark on a fascinating, hidden adventure to explore a wild land of myths and ancient secrets. Players will have to solve puzzles and learn about locations, unlocking secret areas to access treasures and powers that await. However, along the way, there will be many challenges and dangers, including monsters and dark forces stalking the player. Do you have the courage and wisdom to uncover these hidden secrets and become a great adventurer? Join The Beaten Path mod (Unlimited Money/MENU/God Mode) 0.34 to experience and explore!

New cave

The new suspension system gives players exciting new challenges. Players will explore mysterious caves and search for hidden treasures in them. However, the way will not be accessible when the player faces poachers and ferocious monsters. To overcome these challenges, players must use their combat skills, collect items and use them effectively to defeat monsters and find hidden treasures. The Beaten Path APK’s new Cave system will delight players who love regurgitation and exploration.

Character system

The Beaten Path MOD APK has a diverse and rich character system. Players can choose and customize their character with many shapes, outfits and equipment options. Each character has skills and different development potential; players can upgrade their skills to increase their combat power or enhance their ability to explore, develop experience and become talented players. An adventure full of adventure on the way to find treasure. The rich character system of The Beaten Path game will help players create unique and wonderful adventure experiences.


Weapons play a vital role in the player’s adventure. Players can find and use various weapons, including bows, knives, swords, whips, guns, etc. Each weapon has its characteristics, such as range, attack speed, and damage. Players can upgrade and customize their weapons to ensure they have the power to defeat monsters and find treasure. In addition, players can also use special skills to increase the power and effectiveness of their weapons, making their adventures more interesting and exciting in The Beaten Path APK mod (Unlimited Money/MENU/God Mode).

Experience the thrilling adventure in The Beaten Path

The Beaten Path is a fascinating adventure game that brings players into a vast world with many challenges and mysteries waiting. The game allows players to explore new areas, from jungles to mysterious caves, battle dark forces and search for priceless treasures. A unique and rich combat system with various weapons and skills allows players to confront fearsome monsters. In addition, the game has mysteries, legends and stories that stimulate curiosity and discovery. The exciting adventure in The Beaten Path MOD Menu will take players to exciting and challenging experiences.

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