Sorceress Idle

Sorceress Idle MOD 0.68 Menu, No Skill CD APK

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NameSorceress Idle
Publisher highbrow
Version0.68 (Latest)
Size 55M
Category Role Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, No Skill CD
Support Android 5.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (5 months ago)
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Introduce about Sorceress Idle

Sorceress Idle MOD APK on MODAPKOKI is an online role-playing game developed by Mindstorm Studios. In the game, players will play the role of a witch and participate in dramatic battles with many challenges.

Sorceress Idle has a rich and diverse character system, each with its personality, influence and skills. Players can strengthen their characters by upgrading ability levels and equipping items.

In addition, the game also has a unique elemental magic system, allowing players to create creative and different battles. The game also has dozens of costumes for players to change to make their style.

Sorceress Idle also has a ranked competition system that helps players compete against other players worldwide. In addition, the game also has a pet support system, assisting players to increase the strength and skills of their squad.

Elemental magic

The elemental magic in Sorceress Idle is an integral part of the game’s plot and gameplay system. Players will play the role of a young witch, learning and training to become a great magician. To achieve this goal, mages must master the knowledge of elemental magic.

Elemental magic in Sorceress Idle is divided into five main elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Light. Each piece will have different properties, applications, and corresponding unique spells. Players will need to learn and delve deeper into each component to be able to use and coordinate them effectively in matches.

In addition, the game also provides players with a magical enhancement system, increasing the power and usability of the elements. Players can collect the necessary resources to enhance their magic, defeating evil forces and becoming powerful sorcerers.

With a diverse and rich elemental magic system, Sorceress Idle gives players a creative and multi-dimensional role-playing game experience, promising to bring hours of exciting and engaging entertainment.

Dozens of costumes

The costumes in Sorceress Idle Mod are categorised into bare skins, casual, academy, unique, and event outfits. Each company has its characteristics and style and is designed with various colours and textures, from soft pastel tones to dark and bold colours.

In addition, the game also provides players with a costume customization function, allowing them to create unique and creative costumes. Players can freely change their costumes’ colours, textures and details, creating special outfits.

With dozens of skins and unique customization features, Sorceress Idle allows players to express their creativity and personality through amazing costumes.

Compete in ranked battle

Ranked battles are one of the attractive features of Sorceress Idle MOD APK (Menu, No Skill CD), allowing players to participate in intense and competitive matches to increase points and climb the leaderboard.

In ranked battles, players will face other opponents of the same level and strength. The player’s goal is to beat the opponent to win and increase the score. However, the opponent in the match is also powerful and challenging to defeat, so players need to be tactical and calculated to make the correct moves.

Each ranked battle will last for a certain amount of time, after which it will end, and each player’s score will be calculated to give a leaderboard. Players with high scores will have the opportunity to receive valuable rewards but also face equal competition.

Support pet system

Players can capture and raise many different types of pets in the game, each with unique abilities and skills. For example, some pets can reuse the opponent’s damage, while others have the ability canength of the characters in the squad.

Pets can also be upgraded and enhanced, using the right resources and equipment to increase their strength and skills. At the same time, players can use pets to help themselves through difficult matches, especially in big games.

Sorceress Idle APK’s support pet system helps players strengthen the squad while bringing variety and fun to the game. Pet care and upgrading is also one of the exciting entertainment activities of the game, helping players have more exciting and rewarding experiences.

Become a legendary hero in Sorceress Idle

In Sorceress Idle, becoming a legendary hero is a lofty and challenging goal for the player. Players must evolve their squad’s characters, increase their skills and strength, and participate in tough battles to achieve this goal.

When reaching the highest level, players can participate in battles with other legendary heroes to prove their strength. These matches require players to have a good combination of characters, skills and items and to find the right tactics to win.

Becoming a legendary hero also requires players to persevere and make relentless efforts because this journey is long and challenging. However, when this goal is achieved, players will feel very satisfied and proud of what they have achieved. Becoming a legendary hero is one of the most memorable experiences of Sorceress Idle MOD Menu, helping players become great warriors and be honoured as real heroes.

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