SmithStory II

SmithStory II MOD 0.0.96 Menu, Onehit/God Mode APK

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NameSmithStory II
Publisher Glaciwaker Entertainment
Version0.0.96 (Latest)
Size 642M
Category Role Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Onehit/God Mode
Support Android 5.1
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (5 months ago)
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  1. One hit kill
  2. God mode
  3. Unlimited mana
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Introduce about SmithStory II

SmithStory II MOD APK (Menu, Onehit/God Mode) on MODAPKOKI gives players a memorable adventure in a magical wonderland where adventure and creativity blend. Embark on a colourful and exploratory journey, you will become a talented blacksmith, ready to take on challenges and uncover the mysteries of the land of Smithton.

For starters, you’ll get to choose your own character’s shape and style. From there, you will play as a young blacksmith, but full of enthusiasm and desire to conquer the world. Your journey will take you through stunning scenery, from jungles and mysterious caves to bustling cities and stunning sandy deserts.

In SmithStory II, blacksmiths are more than just the creators of weapons and equipment. You are also an explorer able to mine resources and learn about the monsters and mysteries of the land. At the same time, you’ll meet diverse characters, from lovable locals to legendary heroes, and take part in thrilling quests and stories.

The journey to find grandfather

At the beginning of SmithStory II, your character receives a mysterious letter from his grandfather, who has been missing for many years. The letter tells that your grandfather is lost in a distant, dangerous land called The Forgotten Land. Go on a journey to find your grandfather and solve the mystery surrounding his disappearance.

The Forgotten Land is vast, with geysers, forests, caves and mountains. You must overcome harsh landscapes and face dangerous challenges, from ferocious monsters to tricky traps and puzzles.

You will meet many lovable and helpful characters, enemies, and barriers in your journey to find your grandfather. You’ll need to research, collect items, and explore the hidden corners of The Forgotten Land to find traces of your grandfather.

During the journey, you will experience many challenges and tasks. Use your skills to forge weapons, gather resources, practice, and enhance equipment to deal with enemies and overcome difficulties.

Your journey to find your grandfather will take you through the unique and colourful areas of The Forgotten Land, from mysterious forests to sandy deserts and mountains. Enjoy stunning landscapes, uncover secrets and search for answers behind Grandpa’s disappearance.


Leaderboards in SmithStory II Mod record the outstanding achievements of players, from levels, experience, achievements, and strength to other activities such as conquering quests, participating in events, or ranking in races.

Players can view the overall leaderboard or learn about specific categories, such as the top-level leaderboard, strongest skill leaderboard, or weekly activity leaderboard. By viewing leaderboards, players can compare their achievements with others worldwide, creating more challenges and motivation to improve and reach higher positions.

Leaderboards can also provide information about the top members of the gaming community, such as excellent players, powerful guilds or high-scoring characters. This helps players create a social network in the game, connect and interact with other players, or participate in community activities such as commerce, exchange and mutual support.

Leaderboards in SmithStory II are a tool for competition and competition, creating a stimulating and enjoyable environment for players. To climb the leaderboards and reach the top, players will be motivated to push, train and discover more in the colourful adventure of SmithStory II.

New town and adventure

The New Town is a vibrant place with many shops, lovable characters, and many exploration opportunities. When you arrive in town, you’ll be greeted by its thriving landscape, wide streets, and many splendid buildings. This is where you can interact with NPC characters, exchange, shop and upgrade equipment.

In the new town, you can find a variety of shops, from weapon shops, crafting shops, and food stores to accessories stores. You can buy and sell goods, upgrade and customize equipment, and expand your shop for greater profits.

Adventure in the new town is also full of attractions. You will receive quests from NPC characters, explore new areas, fight monsters and collect precious materials. Quests will take you to exciting locations and meet unique side characters, open up a rich story and help you progress to becoming a top blacksmith.

The new town and adventure in SmithStory II MOD APK (Menu, Onehit/God Mode) give you a sense of freshness and expansion of the game world. You will find many quests, challenges and opportunities to develop your character, expand your skills and become a powerful player. Prepare for exciting adventures in the new town and uncover the hidden mysteries of SmithStory II.

Pet system

In SmithStory II APK, you can tame and raise adorable and unique pets. In different parts of the world of Smithton, you will meet and encounter a variety of wild pets, from dogs, cats, and raccoons to monsters and legendary creatures.

To tame pets, you will need to use unique white balls. When you find a pet, use the white ball to try to catch them. This process can require patience and skill, as each pet species has its temperament and handling.

Once tamed, the pet will become a trusted companion in your adventures. They will participate in battles, provide support and power up your character. Each pet has unique skills and abilities; you can train and upgrade them to become stronger teammates.

In addition to raising pets, you can also equip them with items and accessories to enhance their strength and combat ability. You can also participate in special activities to win rare and unique pets.

The SmithStory II pet system is endearing and has tactical and interactive importance. You must take care, nurture and build a good relationship with your pet to overcome challenges and achieve goals together in this colourful adventure.

Become a master blacksmith and explore a colourful adventure in SmithStory II

In SmithStory II, you will become a talented blacksmith and a creative explorer. Explore the beautiful land of Smithton, forge weapons and equipment, and learn about the mysteries of the wonderland. SmithStory II will take you on a magical adventure not to be missed. Prepare to experience a colourful world and create your own story in SmithStory II MOD Menu!

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