Silly Wisher

Silly Wisher MOD 0.40 Menu, Unlimited Primos/Fates APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameSilly Wisher
Publisher sketchi
Version0.40 (Latest)
Size 49M
Category Arcade
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited Primos/Fates
Support Android 5.1
Price FREE
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UpdatedMay 15, 2024 (1 week ago)
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  1. Unlimited Primos
  2. Unlimited Fates
  3. Unlimited Starg Litter
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Introduce about Silly Wisher

Silly Wisher MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Primos/Fates) on MODAPKOKI, a magical world where all dreams come true! Are you ready to explore the impossible and experience an adventure of humour and magic?

The silly Wisher game puts you in the role of a unique character, a dream hunter who can turn ordinary things into extraordinary things with just a wish. On your journey, you will discover colourful lands, from jungles to arid deserts and even fertile cities. Every place you go to has mysteries waiting for you to discover and unique characters that will accompany you.


Our main character is a dream hunter, a unique and creative character. This character is designed with a humorous personality, courage and an honest heart, ready to fight to realise everyone’s dreams.

With her adorable appearance and unique dress style, Silly Wisher character is always ready for adventure. He has a head full of bold ideas and a creative approach to turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. The character’s unique ability is to make wishes come actual, open new doors and discover wonders in the game world.

Silly Wisher also possesses a selfless heart and is always willing to help those around him. He will face tough challenges and defeat funny monsters to protect everyone’s happiness and dreams. From finding precious items to solving complex puzzles, Silly Wisher always shows his intelligence, ingenuity and wisdom to overcome all obstacles.

Meme art

The meme art in Silly Wisher Mod is an essential element and contributes to the humour and originality of the game. Memes are used through images, symbols and even humorous quotes, providing players with exceptional communication and entertainment experiences.

Each meme in Silly Wisher is delicately designed and reflects the characters’ personalities and situations in the game. They can be funny smileys, unique images, sarcastic texts, or humorous quotes from characters.

The creativity and originality of the meme art in Silly Wisher give the game a fun and humorous atmosphere. Memes are used not only to amuse but also to create messy and unexpected situations. They are also a way for players to interact and share funny moments in the game with friends.


Banners in the game Silly Wisher are used to convey messages and create a fun and exciting atmosphere for the game. They are used in crucial scenes, game states and special situations, creating interaction and engagement with the player.

Banners in Silly Wisher are designed with bright colours and funny images, creating a unique art style. They can be short slogans, witty stories, advice, and encouragement from game characters.

Banners often appear in various Silly Wisher lands, from jungles and mountains to vibrant cities. They can appear on billboards, pictures or objects in the game, creating a lively and full of humanity world.

From these unique banners, players can get the necessary hints and information and feel the humour and excitement of the game. They contribute to conveying the message and increase interactivity and exploration in the game.

With creative and unique banners, Silly Wisher MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Primos/Fates) creates an exciting and surprising game space. They give players an enjoyable experience and create a fun connection between the character, the plot, and the player.


The combat system in Silly Wisher APK combines elements of real-time action and tactical elements. Players can attack, dodge, and use special skills to defeat monsters and challenges. At the same time, selecting and using appropriate items and equipment are also essential in improving the strength and combat ability of the character.

During the battle, the player will face diverse monsters, from small and agile to powerful and ferocious. Each type of monster has its weakness, requiring the player to find the right strategy to destroy them. Along with that, players can also use the surrounding environment to create combat advantages, such as taking advantage of high positions, hiding or taking advantage of items in the environment.

The combat system also pushes players to perform quick massaging moves and skill combos to deal consequential damage and create special effects. This creates engaging and motivating action sequences that excite and challenge players.

Let’s go with Silly Wisher – Adventure game full of humour and magic

Going through a colourful and unexpected journey with Silly Wisher, you have witnessed the power of dreams and the ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Magical stories and exciting challenges have made you laugh, make many wishes and feel full of hope.

With Silly Wisher, there are no limits to your imagination. You have become a dream hunter, ready to overcome all obstacles to make your dreams come true. Silly Wisher MOD Menu has brought you hours of fun entertainment and memorable emotions.

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