RPG Legend of the Tetrarchs

RPG Legend of the Tetrarchs MOD 1.1.3g Menu, Unlimited Gold APK

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NameRPG Legend of the Tetrarchs
Publisher KEMCO
Version1.1.3g (Latest)
Size 137M
Category Role Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited Gold
Support Android 6.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (5 months ago)
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Introduce about RPG Legend of the Tetrarchs

In a world full of magic and exciting adventures, Legend of the Tetrarchs MOD APK is ready to take you on a beautiful journey to a kingdom full of mysteries. Becoming a true hero, you will uncover ancient secrets, confront notorious monsters, and gather strength to fight a dark threat. With a great storyline and diverse combat system, Legend of the Tetrarchs promises to bring you hours of adventure and the authentic experience of a top-notch RPG.

Overcoming the darkness

Confront Monsters: The kingdom is full of notorious and dangerous monsters. You will face them in intense battles and must find a way to defeat them to protect the kingdom and the people it loves.

Use Magic: You will learn and develop powerful magical skills during your journey. Using unique spells, you can summon supernatural powers to fight the darkness and defeat monsters.

Collect precious items: The kingdom has many unique items and treasures. It would be best tto explore the environment, interact with the characters, and complete quests to collect these items. They can be the key to overcoming challenges and unlocking hidden secrets.

Learn about history and legends: To better understand the darkness and its origins, you will have to learn about the history and lore of the kingdom. This will help you determine the right strategy to deal with and defeat the threat.

Fight for balance: You will struggle between evil and sound in your adventure. Consider all your decisions and actions, as they can affect the plot and the outcome.

Ten allies and strategies

With RPG Legend of the Tetrarchs, you will meet and be able to recruit ten diverse allies, each with their unique skills and personalities. Here is a detailed description of the ten allies and how to use strategy in this game:

Aria – Talented mage able to control water magic and help the party with support and healing.

Gareth is a mighty warrior and weapons expert who uses weapon powers to take down opponents in direct combat.

Sophia – Clever and cunning assassin, capable of attacking from afar and assassinating enemies with high precision.

Marcus – Loyal and brave knight, able to protect and endure damage to protect the group.

Elysia – Mysterious and contemplative priest capable of healing and calming stressful situations.

Luka – Transforming wolf with unparalleled speed and strength, Luka attacks enemies with his ability to shoot quickly and deal massive damage.

Helga – Dark mage who uses dark magic to slaughter enemies and stun them in battle.

Fritz – A genius engineer and inventor, Fritz supports the team using special tools and magic.

Eliza – A talented archer who can shoot long distances and deal critical damage, she is a reliable fighter in the group.

Titus – Young but passionate knight, capable of fighting with various offensive and defensive skills.


Diverse combat system: You can choose to fight in the style of warrior, mage, assassin, or engineer, depending on your allies and skills. Use special attacks, spells, and abilities to attack enemies and protect your team.

Turn-based system: Battle in Legend of the Tetrarchs follows a turn-based system, allowing you to choose actions for each character in the party. Align your tactics, choose the right skills, and execute powerful attacks to win the match.

Use unique spells and skills: Each party ally will have unique spells and abilities. Use them intelligently to attack enemies, restore health, or support the party. Combine spells and skills to create powerful effects and defeat opponents.

Pay attention to order and speed: In battle, your character’s demand and rate determine whether you can act first or later. Use your ability to read the situation and assess the rate of each opponent to make the right tactical decisions.

Upgrade and Enhance: You can enhance your allies’ skills and equipment. Use resources and items collected during the adventure to improve your party’s strength and combat ability.

Open world or vast dungeon

Diverse Landscapes: The world of Legend of the Tetrarchs offers varied and beautiful landscapes. From dense forests to barren deserts, high mountains to azure beaches, you will discover unique places and immerse yourself in the world’s diversity.

Lively Towns and Cities: Many vibrant towns and cities are waiting to be discovered around the world. Here, you can interact with residents, receive quests, buy and sell items, and upgrade your character. Each town and city has secrets and stories, taking you into different experiences.

Caves and Dungeons: You can explore dark caves and dungeons besides the outer world. These are dangerous and mysterious places where you will face complex challenges and scary monsters. However, rewards and precious treasures are also waiting for you in these places.

High-Level Lands: As you progress in your adventure, you’ll discover high-level lands where the intensity of challenges and monsters increases. Here you will encounter quests and battles requiring mastery and combat skills.

Immerse yourself in the fantastic adventure of Legend of the Tetrarchs

In RPG Legend of the Tetrarchs APK, you will go through a great adventure and become the protagonist of a fascinating story. With a diverse combat system, the game will give you the best experience in the RPG genre. Get ready to explore mysterious lands, face tough challenges, and uncover dark secrets. Enter RPG Legend of the Tetrarchs MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Gold) 1.1.3g on MODAPKOKI and become the true hero who can change the kingdom’s fate and defeat the menace of darkness.

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