Rivengard MOD 1.33.2 Unlimited Money APK

Posted by Bui Thao
Publisher Snowprint Studios AB
Version1.33.2 (Latest)
Size 122M
Category Role Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Support Android 5.1
Price FREE
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UpdatedApril 24, 2024 (4 weeks ago)
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Introduce about Rivengard

Rivengard MOD APK on MODAPKOKI – where myth and knight coexist. Created with the perfect combination of combat strategy and world exploration, Rivengard offers a fantastic game experience. Become a great leader, recruit and cultivate powerful heroes, and prepare to face tough challenges to protect and expand your kingdom. Prepare for a magical journey and intense battles where you must make intelligent strategic decisions and use special skills to win. Enter the world of Rivengard, where legendary stories and great heroes are waiting to be remade, and you will be the author of their continuation.


Tactics are the key to success in every match. Here is a detailed description of the tactical system in the game:

Team building: Players can create a diverse battle formation from available heroes and soldiers. Each hero and minion has unique skills and abilities, and building the right squad and considering tactics is crucial. You can organize the squad members to take advantage of the best complementarity and coordination among the members.

Turn-based combat: In each match, teams will perform turn-based actions. Players will choose actions such as attack, use special skills, defend or use unique tactics. This requires players to carefully assess the situation and choose the right actions to win.

Take advantage of the environment: The combat environment in Rivengard plays a vital role in strategy. Players can use environmental factors such as obstacles, terrain, and location to place heroes and minions for combat advantage.

Skills and Coordination: Each hero and soldier in Rivengard has unique skills. Players must use and activate this skill intelligently and coordinate to create the best effect in the match. Coordination between team members, such as activating skills simultaneously or attacking in a coordinated manner, is also an essential factor in strategy.


Each hero and soldier has unique skills that enhance their strength and play an essential role in the battle. Here is a detailed description of the skill system in the game:

Attack skills: Heroes and minions can use attack skills to damage opponents. Some skills attack a single target, while others attack multiple targets simultaneously. Each attack skill has its characteristics, such as direct damage, knockdown, burn effect or decrease the opponent’s resistance.

Defence skills: To protect the squad, heroes and soldiers also have defensive skills. These skills can help reduce damage, create a protective zone, and increase the defence of yourself or squad members. Using defensive skills tactically can help players survive longer and protect weaker members in the match.

Support skills: Besides offensive and defensive skills, some heroes and minions also have support skills. These skills can strengthen allies, restore health, remove adverse effects, or enhance the attack ability of the squad. Using support skills tactically and in sync with other squad members can significantly affect the match.

Special skills: Each hero in Rivengard Mod also has his particular skill. These are powerful and unique skills for each hero.

Game mode

Main Campaign: Main Campaign is the primary game mode of Rivengard MOD APK (Unlimited Money), where players will experience a compelling battle story and explore the vast world. Players will participate in turn-based tactical battles, confront powerful enemies and accompany legendary heroes. The primary campaign offers many fascinating storylines, rich quests and rewarding rewards.

PvP Arena: In PvP mode, players can go head-to-head with other players worldwide. This is your chance to show off your combat skills and tactics. Players will build a strong squad and confront other opponents in thrilling matches. Achievements in the PvP Arena will be ranked and offer attractive rewards.

Daily Challenge: Daily Challenge is a game mode offering diverse missions and daily challenges. Players will face unique and complex matches and receive valuable rewards for completion. Daily challenges provide exciting and varied gameplay, helping players never get bored and always have goals to complete.

Master Map: Master Map mode allows players to combine and strengthen the power of heroes and soldiers. Players can create and upgrade equipment and enhance the character’s skills and abilities.

Hero selection

Rivengard has a lot of unique and diverse heroes for players to choose from. Here is a detailed description of the heroes in the game:

Battle Heroes: Battle Heroes are compelling characters and can lead the squad. They often have incredible strength and unique skills to attack, defend or support teammates. Each hero has characteristics, from close attack, ranged attack, extensive area damage, healing or special effects. Players can choose and arrange these heroes in their squad to take advantage of each one’s strengths and abilities.

Support Heroes: Support heroes in Rivengard can increase the strength and abilities of their teammates. They can provide buffs that increase attack, defence, damage, or healing to surrounding teammates. The presence of a support hero can change the entire game decision, ensuring the squad is continuously operating at maximum efficiency and strength.

Magical Heroes: Magical heroes are characters with strong magical and magical abilities. They can deal massive magic damage and create special effects like scorching, freezing, incapacitating opponents, etc. Magical heroes often have considerable strength and are essential in dealing with powerful enemies.

Hegemony Hero: This is a particular type of hero in Rivengard APK, capable of dominating the match and significantly changing the situation. They have outstanding strengths and unique special skills.

The battle, recruit and conquer in the world of Rivengard

In the game Rivengard, you will be immersed in a magical world full of enchantment, where battles and adventures await. Fight alongside great heroes, recruit and cultivate mighty armies, and conquer extreme challenges to protect and expand your kingdom. Get ready for tactical battles, special skills and epic battles. Navigate your army, and utilize your talents and combat situations to become the most outstanding leader of Rivengard APK mod (Unlimited Money).

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