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Real Truck Simulator MOD 3.4 Unlimited Money APK

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NameReal Truck Simulator
Publisher HRY Games
Version3.4 (Latest)
Size 109M
Category Simulation
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Support Android 5.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedOctober 26, 2023 (7 months ago)
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Introduce about Real Truck Simulator

Real Truck Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a truck-driving simulation game on the PC platform in which the player will be a truck driver and perform cargo transport missions on different routes.

The game offers players a wide range of trucks, from light to heavy trucks, all designed with precision and customizable. Players must manage time, fuel and other expenses while controlling their vehicle on the go.

Real Truck Simulator also has features like controlling the truck using a console, keyboard or Xbox controller, beautiful and realistic, good sound and physics effects. The game also provides players with a large and varied map, including different cities, countryside and mountainous terrain, to enhance the player’s driving experience.

Real Truck Simulator is a fun, entertaining game and can also be used to train players’ driving skills.

Real truck simulator

Real Truck Simulator is designed with an accurate truck simulation, allowing players to experience real truck driving on the road. Simulation features include:

Physics simulation: The game uses a realistic physics system to simulate friction, gravity, tire bounce and cargo load to ensure real truck driving.

Fuel simulation: The player must manage the fuel consumption of the truck and need to refuel at the right time to ensure that they don’t run out of gas halfway on the road.

Weather simulation: The game allows players to experience different weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and fog, .. that affect driving and the player’s ability to observe.

Simulation of terrain elements: The game provides players with a diverse map with different types of terrain, from flat roads to mountain roads, ensuring players experience driving on many kinds of terrain differently.

Together, these simulation features make for a realistic and exciting truck driving experience in Real Truck Simulator.

Transportation system

The traffic system in Real Truck Simulator APK is designed to create a realistic and challenging truck driving environment for players. Features of the transportation system include:

Types of Transport: Players will face many types of traffic on the road, including cars, other trucks, buses and fire trucks,.

Traffic rules: The game applies actual traffic rules, such as exceeding the speed limit and red lights, causing players to pay attention and comply with traffic regulations.

Traffic accidents: In the game, players will also encounter traffic accidents ranging from minor collisions to severe accidents, requiring players to be careful and thorough when driving.

Traffic time and volume: The game will adjust the traffic volume and travel time of vehicles on the road to create a realistic truck driving environment on MODAPKOKI.

All these factors together create a challenging and unique traffic system in Real Truck Simulator, enhancing the realism and driving experience of the players.

Live radio feature

Real Truck Simulator APK mod provides live radio listening to enhance the exciting driving experience for players.

Players can choose their favourite radio stations, including actual radio stations from around the world, to listen to music and news while driving the truck. Radio stations can be selected by different music genres, countries and languages to suit the players’ preferences.

The live radio feature in Real Truck Simulator creates a more realistic truck driving experience and helps players relax and enjoy their favourite music while experiencing the game.

Inside driving camera angle

The interior driving camera angle lets the player see the dashboard and truck driving equipment in detail and get a natural feel for the driver. Players can see the rearview mirror, driver’s seat, steering wheel, tachometer system, fuel level and other details on the dashboard.

The interior driving camera angle also allows the player to look around and feel the atmosphere and surroundings while driving the truck.

Overall, the interior driving camera angle in Real Truck Simulator APK 3.4 gives players an extraordinarily realistic and exciting truck driving experience.

Become a professional truck driver

Real Truck Simulator is a tremendous truck-driving simulation ga with beautiful, a rich traffic system, and various features. Players can experience the feeling of driving a truck on the road in a realistic environment, learn how to drive a car like a pro and explore the world in Real Truck Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money).

The online radio listening feature and the interior driving camera angle also provide a more immersive experience, more realistic and exciting truck driving. If you are an enterprising simulation lover and want to become a professional truck driver, Real Truck Simulator MOD APK is a great choice to try.

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