Pixomatic MOD 5.16.2 Premium Subscription Unlocked APK

Posted by Bui Thao
Publisher Conceptiv Apps
Version5.16.2 (Latest)
Size 143M
Category Art & Design
MOD FeaturesPremium Subscription Unlocked
Support Android 7.1
Price FREE
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UpdatedMay 17, 2024 (5 days ago)
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Introduce about Pixomatic

Have you ever wanted to turn ordinary photos into beautiful works of art in just a few clicks? That’s when Pixomatic MOD APK (Premium Subscription Unlocked) – a leading photo editing application – becomes the ideal companion. With its background separation and image editing breakthrough, Pixomatic gives you endless creative possibilities and creates fantastic images. Whether you are a professional photographer or a creative lover, Pixomatic will be an indispensable tool to turn your photos into unique and professional works of art. Get ready to discover the power of Pixomatic and inspire creativity through photos!

Edit photo

With Pixomatic, you can precisely and smoothly separate the background of your photos, allowing you to remove unwanted backgrounds and create unique background effects. You can change the background or create a transparent background, creating photos with a unique and beautiful style.

In addition, Pixomatic provides many other advanced editing tools, such as adjusting color, contrast, brightness, and color saturation, and can even paint on photos with drawing tools. You can apply filters, effects, and masks to create your photo style. Besides, Pixomatic also provides tools to blur, sharpen, rotate, crop, and resize photos, allowing you to create photos to your liking.

With fine-tuning, you can fine-tune every small element in your image to achieve the best results. You can edit eyes, mouth, skin, and many other parts of your face to create perfect portraits. Pixomatic also supports artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automatically identify and separate objects in the image, saving time and effort.

Change the background

Changing the background in Pixomatic is done with great precision, helping you to separate the main subject in the image and the background naturally and smoothly. You can choose from the pre-made backgrounds provided in the app or upload your image as a backdrop. In addition, you can also create a transparent background to create a unique effect and be compatible with other apps and websites.

Pixomatic provides flexible customization tools to adjust the texture and color of the new background. You can adjust the opacity, lighting, contrast, and color saturation to create a backdrop that suits your style and feel. Besides, the quick selection and edge adjustment tools help you fine-tune the outline of the main subject to create perfect compatibility between the subject and the background.

With Pixomatic 5.16.2, changing the background becomes simple and effective. You can create unique, creative, and professional photos in just a few clicks. With customization and flexibility, Pixomatic is the ideal tool to transform spaces and create stunning photos you won’t believe were edited from the original photo.

Delete object

Deleting an object in Pixomatic is done by selecting the object with the specifying tool and then applying the delete function. The application automatically detects the outline and texture of the subject to remove it accurately while maintaining the naturalness of the rest of the photo.

Besides object removal, Pixomatic provides detailed editing tools to optimize results. You can use tools like blur, sharpen, and adjust lighting, contrast, and color to ensure the rest of the photo matches and looks natural after removing the subject.

A special feature of Pixomatic is the ability to use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help remove objects quickly and efficiently. AI technology in Pixomatic will analyze and process photos to identify and remove objects automatically, saving you time and effort.

With Pixomatic MOD APK (Premium Subscription Unlocked) on MODAPKOKI, you can professionally remove unwanted objects from photos and create perfect photos according to your wishes. From removing unwanted details to creating unique and creative photos, Pixomatic is an indispensable tool for high-quality photo editing.

Apply filters and effects

The app has dozens of built-in filters, from color and contrast enhancement filters to vintage, black and white, logos, and many more. You can apply a filter to change the entire tone of the photo and create a whole new emotional space. Filters can also enhance the sharpness and detail of a photo, creating a pleasing and professional effect.

Besides filters, Pixomatic offers special effects to create unique and artistic photos. You can apply lighting, bokeh, blur, vignette, and many more effects to bring out the focus area in the photo or create a dreamy and romantic atmosphere. This effect brings creativity and artistry to your photos.

With Pixomatic, you can customize the settings of filters and effects to adjust their strength and apply them to your liking. You can also preview the results instantly to ensure the effect is applied correctly and aesthetically.

Make the art come to life with Pixomamatic

With Pixomatic APK mod, you not only edit photos, but you also can transform and create unique works of art. No need for technical exclusivity; everyone can enjoy creativity with this app. Discover the fantastic possibilities of Pixomatic and tell your story through images with beautiful effects, precise background separation, and refined editing tools. From a stock photo, you can turn it into a colorful and vibrant work of art. Let Pixomatic be the inspiration for your creativity and explore the unlimited potential of your photos!

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