Once Upon a Tower

Once Upon a Tower MOD 43 Menu, Unlimited Bombs/God Mode APK

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NameOnce Upon a Tower
Publisher Pomelo Games
Version43 (Latest)
Size 63M
Category Role Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited Bombs/God Mode
Support Android 5.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (5 months ago)
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[ Player Menu ]

  • -> Godmode
  • -> Free Cube PowerUp
  • -> Unlimited Bombs
  • -> Free Revives
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Introduce about Once Upon a Tower

A towering royal tower, a brave princess, and a fearsome dragon – welcome to Once Upon a Tower, an engaging and emotional adventure game. Get ready to experience a unique story and explore a magical world where you must use your wits and strength to save the princess and uncover the mysteries deep within the tower.

In Once Upon a Tower MOD APK, you will be a strong and brave princess locked in a royal tower by a bloodthirsty dragon. Not subject to imprisonment and accepted fate, the princess is determined to find a way to escape the tower and prove her independence. But not everything is easy because the dragon has built complex structures and put dangerous challenges to prevent the princess from escaping.

Plan your escape and bring your princess to freedom

First, you will have to dig into the tower, explore each floor, and find out where the monsters and obstacles are. By capturing this information, you can create detailed plans and choose the safe route to avoid dangers.

The critical skill you need to have is to jump, climb and slide through the complex structures of the tower. You can also use items and weapons you find during your exploration to help the princess overcome the challenges. Both intelligence and strength are essential to moving forward.

During your escape, you will face fearsome dragons, perverted enemies, and intricate structures. Be careful and sharp in reacting and making quick decisions to ensure the princess’s safety.

As you progress further and achieve your goals, secrets and stories will be revealed. You will gain a better understanding of the princess’s past and the reasons why she was imprisoned in the tower. This will add more drama and excitement to your adventure.

With Once Upon a Tower, you will embark on a challenging and colourful journey to rescue the princess and bring her to freedom. Prepare to plan, pass the tower floors and become the saviour for this brave princess.

Different princesses liberate

Some outstanding princesses in the game can be mentioned as:

Iron Princess: The Iron Princess is a strong female warrior with strength and toughness. She can endure powerful attacks and overcome formidable obstacles. In addition, she is also capable of using heavy weapons and strong attacks.

Agility Princess: The Agility Princess can move quickly and flexibly. She can jump high, easily slide over obstacles and even climb high walls. Her agility and dexterity help her overcome challenges with speed and vigour.

Sorcerer Princess: The Sorcerer Princess possesses powerful magical abilities. She can use offensive spells such as shadow, fire, and ice to deceive and defeat monsters. Her intelligence and patience are vital points in the face of complex challenges in the tower.

Princess Guard: Princess Guard has a solid defensive ability. She can deploy shields and create a shield to protect herself from attacks. Her patience and ingenuity help her overcome enemies and protect the other princess in the process of liberation.

Each princess has her style of play and unique elements that bring variety and challenge to the game. Explore and choose the princess that suits your playing style to win your quest to unleash the princess and defeat the complex challenges.

Tons of action

During the attack, you will use movement skills such as jumping, climbing and sliding through the complex structures of the tower. Quick and well-timed interaction is crucial to overcome obstacles and avoid hazards. You can also use items and weapons during your escape to your advantage and defeat the monsters chasing you.

In Once Upon a Tower APK on MODAPKOKI, there is not only a requirement for physical skills but also the ability to plan and react quickly. You must assess the situation and make quick decisions to ensure your survival and mission success. The tension and pressure will increase as you face increasingly complex challenges and the game speed increases.

Your journey to attack is personal and affects the game’s main plot. Every action and decision can change the result, open up new facets and reveal hidden secrets. This creates a thrill and excitement to explore and experience again and again.

Various power-ups

You will have the opportunity to increase the princess’s power by collecting and using various elements in the game. These factors will bring various benefits and help you overcome more difficult challenges.

Weapons: You can find and use different weapons, from swords and bows to shafts and crossbows. Each weapon offers different power and range of impact, helping you to defeat monsters and obstacles effectively.

Items: As you explore the tower, you will find helpful items such as enchantments, treasures, and explosive arrows. These items can provide special effects, such as increasing speed, increasing attack power, or creating powerful explosive effects.

Energy and Health: You can find and use energy sources to restore health and strength to the princess. This helps you stand firmer in matches and increase your survivability in dangerous challenges.

Skills and Upgrades: By killing monsters and completing quests, you can earn skill points to upgrade and improve the princess’s abilities. You can enhance your speed, attack power, stamina and other special skills to help the princess overcome difficulties and dangers.

Fight the dragon and save the princess in Once Upon a Tower

Fierce and uncover the secrets hidden in the tower. Our princess has demonstrated her unwavering courage and determination to save herself and stand up to her fate. Thanks to your wits and strength, you have successfully overcome each floor of the tower and regained your freedom.

In the end, the princess escaped the encirclement of the fearsome dragon and returned to the kingdom, honoured as a hero. The story of Once Upon a Tower MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Bombs/God Mode) 43 is a fascinating adventure and a message of patience, courage and determination to overcome difficulties.

Get ready to enter the magical world of Once Upon a Tower and become the hero in the journey to save the princess. Together, we can demonstrate that there is a remarkable story in each of our hearts,, just waiting to be discovered and written.

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