METAL MADNESS PvP MOD 0.40.2 Menu, High Damage/God Mode APK

Posted by Bui Thao
Publisher GDCompany
Version0.40.2 (Latest)
Size 146M
Category Action
MOD FeaturesMenu, High Damage/God Mode
Support Android 7.1
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (5 months ago)
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Permission: YES

Need Enable Overlay Permission for Android 6+.


Introduce about METAL MADNESS PvP

Metal Madness PvP MOD APK is a beautiful online racing shooter. In this game, players will participate in races full of speed and chaos and can shoot down opponents to win. Metal Madness PvP will immerse you in a world of combat full of excitement and challenges. Get ready to be a classy car racer and fight for your glory!

Race level

Players will experience an attractive racing-level system. Players will unlock new features and opportunities to strengthen their vehicles with each level. Different racing levels in the game will require players with different skills and levels. From initial spartan races to challenging races with many powerful opponents, players must complete missions and upgrade their vehicles to reach higher levels.

By unlocking new features and earning more rewards, players will have an exciting racing experience and the thrill of taking first place on the leaderboard. Get ready to participate in thrilling races and become the winner of METAL MADNESS PvP!

Various weapon systems

Players will experience a diverse weapon system with more than 40 weapons, from machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, and glass bullets to energy weapons. Each weapon has its characteristics and abilities, allowing players to customize their fighting style. At the same time, players can also upgrade and customize their weapons using money and experience accumulated through each match. With this diverse weapon system, players will have many opportunities to show their talents and win in intense and dramatic matches.

More than a dozen types of cars from cars

METAL MADNESS PvP APK owns more than a dozen different types of racing cars. Players will experience modern and customizable cars to increase their power and speed. Vehicles in the game include tanks, sports cars, fighter planes, trucks, fire trucks, police cars and many more. Each type of vehicle has its respective characteristics and abilities, allowing players to choose the vehicle that suits their playing style. Along with customizing and upgrading vehicles, players can buy and change weapons, ammunition and other equipment to help them fight better on the track.

Various maps

METAL MADNESS PvP game has many different maps; each map is designed with great detail and unique landscapes and images, giving players a great racing experience. The maps all have different terrain and shapes, requiring players to use their driving ability to overcome obstacles and collect resources.

The maps in METAL MADNESS PvP MOD APK (Menu, High Damage/God Mode) on MODAPKOKI are divided into many different areas, including urban areas, deserts, jungles, industrial areas and more. Each area has unique features, including fun things like loops, shops to shop and more. With various maps, players will never get bored participating in this game’s dramatic race.

Customize your car in your way

Players can customize their vehicle to enhance its strength and durability. This customization system includes a variety of accessories, including upgrades to the engine, wheels, suspension, weapons, and protective materials. Each accessory has features and effects, allowing players to customize their vehicle uniquely. In addition, players can also customize the colors and patterns on their cars to create their style and impress opponents in the match. All these customizations help players create the ultimate vehicle, allowing them to fight and win matches in METAL MADNESS PvP APK mod.

Upgrade vehicles to increase power

The vehicle upgrade system in the game is complete and detailed, helping players increase the power and combat ability of the vehicle. There are different types of upgrades, including:

Weapon Upgrades: Vehicle weapons can be upgraded to increase their power and range. Weapons will be levelled and improved using money and in-game resources.

Engine Upgrade: Upgrade the engine to increase the vehicle’s speed and ability to move faster. Players can gain an advantage in races and battles by upgrading the engine.

Upgrade equipment: Upgrade equipment to increase the vehicle’s defence. Vehicle protection can be upgraded, reducing damage from the opponent’s weapons and helping the vehicle to withstand more significant damage.

Upgrade control system: Upgrade the control system to make the car more accessible and more accurate in driving and attacking opponents.

Energy Upgrades: Energy upgrades increase the vehicle’s ability to use special skills. These skills can help players deal massive damage to opponents or assist teammates in battle.

All of these upgrades require money and in-game resources to make. Players must defeat opponents and participate in events to earn money and resources to upgrade their vehicles.

The brutal battle is never seen in the METAL MADNESS PvP game

With outstanding features and engaging gameplay experience, METAL MADNESS PvP is a shooting racing game not to be missed. Get ready for a brutal and dramatic war in the racing world of METAL MADNESS PvP APK 0.40.2.

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