Merge Star

Merge Star MOD 2.7.0 Unlimited Money APK

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NameMerge Star
Publisher NANOO COMPANY Inc.
Version2.7.0 (Latest)
Size 41M
Category Simulation
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Support Android 4.1+
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 12, 2023 (5 months ago)
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Note: you can get the gold in treasure chest reward

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Introduce about Merge Star

Merge Star MOD APK (Unlimited Money) on MODAPKOKI is a free video game on a mobile platform developed by Gram Games game company. This game was released in August 2018 for Android and iOS operating systems.

In Merge Star, players will take on the role of a warrior fighting against an army of demons. The player’s task is to use items such as weapons and magic to destroy opponents.

The game uses the merge mechanism to create new and more substantial items. Players must focus on collecting and arranging things logically to create unique, more powerful items. Besides, players must also improve and upgrade weapons, armor, and spells to deal with more complex challenges when going into the following levels.

Merge two items to get a more powerful thing

In Merge Star, merging (merge) items is the way to create new, more powerful items. When the player pairs two things of the same type together, they create a new object with twice the power of the original article.

For example, if a player pairs two “Wooden Sticks” items together, they will create a new “Hardwood Stick” item that is more than twice as powerful as a “Wooden Stick” wood” originally. If you continue to pair two “Hardwood Sticks” together, they will create “Stone Sticks” with an even higher power.

However, to match items of the same type, the player must collect them from different sources on the map. This requires players to be meticulous and intelligent in managing and arranging items to create new, more substantial items.

In addition, Merge Star also has unique items called “Mythical Items,” which, when combined, will create potent and unique items. However, to obtain these mythical items, players must overcome complex challenges and search for them in dangerous areas of the map.

Merge stars and get surprised items

“Star” to create unique items and also have a chance to receive surprise items.

Stars can be merged using items corresponding to the required number of stars. For example, to join two stars, the player needs to use the article “Gemstone 2” (Gemstone 2) and to connect three stars, the player needs to use the theme “Gemstone 3” (Gemstone 3 ), and so on.

Players can create unique items such as “Mystery Gift Box” or “Mythical Item” when they fuse stars. These items can help the player increase the character’s strength and can help the player overcome more difficult challenges in the game.

In Merge Star APK, when merging stars, players also have a chance to receive unexpected items, but they can also be items that are not useful or have only low value. However, this also makes the game more attractive, and players do not know what to get from merging stars.

Over 140 Weapons/Shields/Hats/Pets

True to its name, Merge Star has over 140 different weapons, shields, hats, and pets for players to collect and use in the game.

The weapons in the game are designed to help the player fight and defeat the monsters in Merge Star APK mod. Weapons include swords, sticks, bows, and rockets, each with distinct characteristics and powers.

A shield is a weapon that helps protect the player’s character from damage from enemies. The types of securities in the game include different types, such as wooden shields, iron shields, and magic shields.

Hats are items that help increase the strength of the player’s character. Hats in the game include paper hats, leather hats, and steel hats.

Pets are a particular item in the game Merge Star. In-game pets can be used to help players fight and collect items. Pet types include dogs, cats, dragons, and penguins.

Collecting and using these items is very important in the game Merge Star, as they will help players overcome more complex challenges and increase the strength of their characters.

Upgrade your Warrior and explore new areas

Players who win battles and complete quests will receive money and experience points. This money can be used to upgrade weapons, shields, hats, and pets, while the experience points can be used to upgrade the player’s character.

New areas will be unlocked when the player completes specific missions or reaches a certain level. The new site offers players a new world to explore, with recent battles and valuable items to collect.

In Merge Star APK 2.7.0, players can also participate in in-game events to earn more money and items. Events can be held for a limited time or theme, allowing players to experience unique challenges and battles.

In short, upgrading characters, weapons, shields, hats, and pets, exploring new areas, and participating in events are the primary activities in the Merge Star game so players can become more robust. And enjoy the game in a fun way.

Explore the challenging world in Merge Star

Merge Star is a fascinating game where players can enjoy dramatic battles, collect valuable items, and explore the challenging world. With over 140 different weapons, shields, hats, and pets, players can customize their character to suit their fighting style. Besides, in-game events offer many opportunities to earn more money and items. Join Merge Star MOD APK (Unlimited Money) to become the most muscular Warrior and explore this challenging world!

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