Match Puzzle House

Match Puzzle House MOD 1.0.21 Unlimited Money/Stars APK

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NameMatch Puzzle House
Publisher mobirix
Version1.0.21 (Latest)
Size 117M
Category Puzzle
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Stars
Support Android 5.1
Price FREE
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UpdatedMarch 27, 2024 (2 months ago)
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Introduce about Match Puzzle House

Match Puzzle House MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Stars) on MODAPKOKI is a perfect choice. Have you ever felt that your house has mysteries waiting to be discovered? If you are looking for an exciting puzzle game to solve those mysteries. With simple but challenging gameplay, this game will take you into a house full of secrets and require you to use logical thinking and observation to figure out how to match similar images. Match Puzzle House will bring exciting and unexpected entertainment. So, let’s learn more about this game and discover the mysteries that await you at Match Puzzle House.

Match 3 game

Match 3 game one of the main functions to help players solve puzzles and advance to the following levels. The gameplay of the Match 3 game is quite simple; players must find and match similar images according to specific rules.

Specifically, the Match 3 game requires the player to find and match at least three similar images into a horizontal or a vertical row. Then those images will disappear from the screen and other images. It will fall to replace them. Players must keep finding and matching the same pictures to accumulate scores and advance to the next level.

In addition, the Match 3 game in Match Puzzle House is also designed with many other attractive features, including fantastic images capable of triggering special effects, such as exploding a large area of ​​the puzzle. Screen or increase the score significantly. All these features will help players have interesting and exciting experiences when playing Match 3 games in Match Puzzle House.

Many obstacles and thousands of levels

Each level in Match Puzzle House Mod is designed with a different screen, with specially arranged objects and images for players to find and match. During the gameplay, the player will face various challenges and obstacles, such as locked images, difficult-to-reach squares, or images obscured by other objects.

However, Match Puzzle House also provides players with many tools and support features to help them overcome these obstacles. For example, the player can use particular objects to unlock images or special features to remove obstructions from the screen.

With many obstacles and thousands of levels waiting, Match Puzzle House will give players moments of entertainment and exciting challenges. This game will give players an impressive and memorable puzzle experience.

Fascinating story

Player will take the role of a character named Lily, a young girl looking for her inherited home. This house was left by her family when they mysteriously disappeared. However, Lily must complete thousands of Match Puzzle House APK levels to find this house.

As Lily plays the game and completes the levels, she will uncover pieces of the story about her family and the secrets behind their disappearance. The details in this story will be revealed gradually, making players curious and want to discover more about Lily’s adventures.

With this incredible and touching story, Match Puzzle House is a casual puzzle game that offers players a wonderful and inspiring experience. If you are a puzzle lover and passionate about discovering exciting stories, then this is a game that you should not miss.

Lots of content and rewards

Match Puzzle House has many special programs and events throughout the year, giving players many attractive rewards. During the Christmas season, for example, the game will have levels and quests related to this festival, and players will receive valuable rewards such as decorations, gaming items, and more.

Match Puzzle House mod (Unlimited Money/Stars) 1.0.21 also has the function of the building and decorating your own house, in which you can freely choose the interior, decoration, and style of the house. These decorations can be purchased or obtained by completing levels in the game.

If you want to try fighting matches, Match Puzzle House has a confrontation mode with other players worldwide. Players must complete the levels quickly to win and get valuable rewards in this mode.

Use enhancement items

Match Puzzle House offers a variety of boosters to help players pass more difficult levels. Here are some popular boosters in the game:

Boom: This item will create an explosion and destroy all surrounding stones.

Freezing Nails: When using this item, you will freeze some stones, making them unable to move or be destroyed.

Lightning: Lightning will destroy a row or column of rocks in your chosen direction.

Brush: This item helps to remove all stones in a particular area.

Set extra time: When little time is left to complete the level, you can use this item to gain more playing time.

In addition, Match Puzzle House APK mod (Unlimited Money/Stars) also provides other enhancement items such as tattoos, jewelry, armor… Players need to accumulate bonus points and buy them in their stores to use these items game or obtain them through completing quests in the game.

Using boosters will help players pass more challenging levels and achieve higher scores. However, players must also use them rationally and strategically to achieve maximum effect.

Find relaxation with Match Puzzle House

Match Puzzle House is not simply a puzzle game but also gives players relaxation and entertainment after stressful working hours. With simple but challenging gameplay, you must use logical thinking and observation to figure out how to match similar images. Moreover, the game has different levels for players to try and improve their puzzle-solving ability. So, try at Match Puzzle House MOD Unlimited Money and enjoy exciting entertainment with friends and family.

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