MasterChef MOD 1.4.0 Unlimited Resource APK

Posted by Bui Thao
Publisher Qiiwi Games AB
Version1.4.0 (Latest)
Size 134M
Category Puzzle
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Resource
Support Android 5.1+
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UpdatedApril 29, 2024 (3 weeks ago)
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Introduce about MasterChef

MasterChef MOD APK (Unlimited Resource) is a mobile game for those who love cooking and want to challenge their ability to combine dishes.

Players will play the chef role in this game and participate in cooking competitions like in the MasterChef TV show. Players must prepare ingredients, process and cook according to instructions to create delicious dishes.

However, MasterChef: Cook & Match is more than just a cooking game; it also incorporates a Match-3 game element (similar to Candy Crush) to create unique challenges. The player must complete the levels and get the maximum score by matching stones of the same colour to clear the table and win the cooking time.

In addition, MasterChef: Cook & Match also has different game modes, including a head-to-head mode with other chefs, a new food hunt mode, and an unlimited time game mode to practice skills in your cooking.

Become a chef

When participating in the competition, players must choose and prepare the ingredients to create the dish according to the judge’s request. Then, they will process and cook the word within a limited time.

Success in the cooking competition will give players valuable rewards, such as coins, gems and a collection of recipes. These rewards will help players unlock new levels and achieve higher in the game.

Besides, completing other tasks and challenges in the game also helps players become better chefs. They will learn various cooking skills, from choosing ingredients to combining spices and performing different cooking steps on MODAPKOKI.

With MasterChef, players can experience the feeling of becoming a professional chef and explore this exciting culinary world.

Cook the food

Some of the dishes that players can cook in MasterChef APK:

Pad Thai: a typical Thai dish made from noodles, eggs, tofu, shrimp, pork belly and herbs.

Spaghetti Carbonara: Italian dish made with pasta, bacon, eggs, cream and Parmesan cheese.

Sushi: Japanese dish from rice mixed with vinegar, seafood and vegetables.

Hamburger: American fast food made from burgers with beef, tomatoes, cucumbers and many other spices.

Sandwiches: a worldwide favourite, made with bread, meat, cheese, salads and sauces.

Each dish has a different way of processing and cooking, and players must follow the instructions to create the perfect dish. They must choose the right ingredients, cut, stir-fry, bake and cook in the correct order to create delicious dishes.

Cooking in MasterChef: Cook & Match not only helps players experience the feeling of being a professional chef but also helps them learn and improve their cooking skills.

Fascinating puzzles

Here are some interesting puzzles in MasterChef APK mod:

Fill in the blanks: “Sugar _ is a spice made from sugar cane or sugar beets.” (hint: 5 letters)

Keyword Search: In this puzzle, the player is given a list of keywords and must search for them in a grid of letters arranged in a square. Example: Search for keywords like “bread”, “meat”, “onion”, and “tomato”.

Please put the words in the correct order: In this puzzle, the player will be given a list of steps to prepare the dish and must arrange them correctly. For example: “1. Wash green vegetables; 2. Cut vegetables into small pieces; 3. Cut meat into thin strips; 4. Cook broth; 5. Fry the meat in a pan.”

Guess the word: In this puzzle, the player will be given several letters and must find the complete word by arranging the letters correctly. Example: “S__S_HI” (hint: Japanese food)

Find mistakes: In this puzzle, the player is given a picture of a dish and must find the flaws in that picture. Example: Picture a bowl of pho with a spoon falling over and a cat getting confused.

Listen to the judges’ comments

In MasterChef APK 1.4.0, you will experience moments of relaxation and enjoy the feeling of becoming a real chef. With a combination of pairing ability and culinary talent, you’ll find yourself growing not only in the field of cooking but also in time management, logical thinking and quick calculation. With beautiful and vivid sounds, MasterChef MOD APK (Unlimited Resource) will take you into a beautiful and challenging culinary world. Join now and show off your cooking skills!

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