Kingdom: Two Crowns

Kingdom: Two Crowns MOD 1.1.21 Unlocked APK

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NameKingdom: Two Crowns
Publisher Raw Fury
Version1.1.21 (Latest)
Size 758M
Category Casual
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
Support Android 6.0
Price 6.99$ FREE
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UpdatedMay 1, 2024 (3 weeks ago)
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Introduce about Kingdom: Two Crowns

Kingdom: Two Crowns MOD APK (Unlocked) on MODAPKOKI – You will step into a king or queen role and build and protect your kingdom in a colourful and mysterious world with your companions.

To experience stunning landscapes, you must explore new lands, gather necessary resources and build a solid base. However, the challenge comes not only from building but also from defending against attacks from fearsome enemies.

Use clever strategy to forge a solid defence, recruit and train mighty soldiers, and uncover hidden secrets in your kingdom. Interact with unique and engaging characters, and uncover this kingdom’s secrets and profound stories.


Single Mode: In this Mode, the player will build and manage his kingdom alone. You must explore and mine resources, build and upgrade structures, gather and manage resources, and face attacks from dark forces. Single Mode offers a relaxing experience and focuses on the interaction between the player and his surroundings.

Co-op Mode: Players can team up with a friend to build and protect a common kingdom in this mode. You and your teammates will manage resources together, share construction and defence responsibilities, and face tough challenges. The cooperative Mode requires cooperation and coordination between players to achieve a common goal.

New King Mode: This Mode offers a refreshing experience where players start from scratch and build a new kingdom. You will face unique challenges and harsher conditions, requiring hard work and brilliant strategy to succeed. The new King mode is a fun challenge for players who have completed other modes and want to explore more innovation and difficulty in Kingdom: Two Crowns.

Diverse contexts

These settings offer stunning natural beauty and unique cultural and architectural features. Here is a detailed description of the contexts in Kingdom: Two Crowns Mod:

Oak Forest: Considered the primary and characteristic setting of the game, Oak Forest offers a vast space of verdant forests. Giant oak trees and dense forests create a wild and fairy-tale environment. Here, you must build and defend the kingdom against the onslaught of monsters and search for resources in the forest.

Desert: With its white sand and enveloping desert landscape, the Desert setting offers a harsh and arid space. It would be best to find a way to adapt to this environment, collect water and exploit rare resources. The monsters and challenges will also be more intense, requiring strategy and skilful resource management.

Snow Mountain: With its snow-covered ice and alpine landscape, Snowy Mountain offers a new challenge for players. You must deal with cold climates, build ice-proof structures and gather resources from ice caves. In addition, the hilly landscape and steep pass will create new terrain challenges.

Prairie Island: This is a new setting in the updated version of the game. Prairie Island offers green space and a diversity of savanna and grasslands. You will meet and interact with wild animals and must find a way to manage the kingdom against the unique challenges of the island.

Strong enemy

Giant Monsters are large and ferocious creatures with strong offensive and defensive abilities. Giant Monsters often appear at night and threaten your kingdom significantly. To defeat them, you need to use weapons and intelligent tactics.

Night Enemies: Night Enemies consist of creatures and demons active mainly at night. They emerge from the shadows and attack weaker areas of the kingdom. To deal with night enemies, you must build lamps and watchtowers to keep the kingdom illuminated and safe.

Artificial Enemies: Besides monsters, you will face artificial enemies such as pirates, thieves and other enemies. They regularly attack your kingdom and try to steal valuable resources. You need to prepare defences and use your soldiers to protect the kingdom from their attack.

Enemy Legions: Sometimes, you will face enormous legions of enemies. These legions will focus on attacking your kingdom; you must use all your combat and management abilities to deal with them. Otherwise, your kingdom may be smashed to pieces in Kingdom: Two Crowns APK.

Build and defend the kingdom in the fantastic adventure of Kingdom: Two Crowns

You will experience a fascinating and challenging adventure where you will build and protect your kingdom. Build a strong and prosperous kingdom with a single-player and friends-playing experience and your creativity and strategy. Enter the world of Kingdom: Two Crowns APK mod (Unlocked) and become the true king or queen, fighting to prove your leadership and forge a tremendous indestructible kingdom.

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