Killing Kiss

Killing Kiss MOD 1.13.4 Menu/Free Premium Choices APK

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NameKilling Kiss
Version1.13.4 (Latest)
Size 91M
Category Simulation
MOD FeaturesMenu/Free Premium Choices
Support Android 5.1+
Price FREE
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UpdatedMay 2, 2024 (3 weeks ago)
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Introduce about Killing Kiss

Killing Kiss MOD APK (Menu/Free Premium Choices) is a BL dating otome video game, which means it has love content between male characters and is designed to appeal to a female audience. The company Genius Inc develops this game and is available on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.

The content of Killing Kiss revolves around your life as a young reporter while you are investigating a case involving crime bosses. While searching for information, you meet different male characters and begin to build a relationship with them.

Each male character in the game has its personality and background and gives you multiple options to respond in chat to improve your relationship with them. Depending on your choices, you will eventually end up with one of several different endings for each character.

The main story is 25 episodes long

The Story of Heaven is a popular Chinese fantasy television game. This game is adapted from the novel of the same name by author Tang Qi Gong Zi.

Thien Chinh Story is a romantic story between Thien Chinh, a young king, and Muc Nhien, an abandoned baby girl who grew up in Killing Kiss. While Thien Chinh is trying to protect the country from evil forces, Mu Nhien is also trying to find the truth about his identity and learn about his king.

If you are a fan of romantic fantasy movies and want to learn about Chinese history and culture, then Tianzheng Story is a game worth trying.

Interactive chat stories with four love interests

Here are some interactive chat stories with the four male characters:

Ryoichi: Ryoichi is a young teacher and loves to play games. In Killing Kiss APK, he will invite you to his house and play games with him. You can learn more about Ryoichi’s hobbies during the game and build a relationship with him.

Toma: Toma is a music producer and loves to compose songs. In a chat, he will invite you to his studio to present a demo of his new songs. You can learn more about Toma’s musical interests and feel his passion for music.

Kairi: Kairi is a doctor and loves to take care of animals. In a chat, he will invite you to the hospital and show you how he cares for his patients and animals. You can learn more about Kairi’s hobbies and feel his enthusiasm and care.

Kazuto: Kazuto is a chef and loves to cook. In a chat story, he will invite you to his house and cook for you. You can learn more about Kazuto’s cooking hobby and enjoy his delicious food on MODAPKOKI.

Those are just some interactive chat stories with the four male characters in the game Killing Kiss. You can explore more stories and build relationships with different male characters for unique and exciting experiences.

Three men appeared in front of Ryu

Ryu stood in front of three men, all of whom looked very old and equipped with rugged look, but Ryu couldn’t guess who they were.

“Hi, can you help us?” Ryu asked politely.

“Welcome to CLS; we are the heads of this company.” One of the three men answered in a low, firm voice. “We’re here to meet the best person on the CLS development team, and if you’re that person, we’d like to offer you an exclusive contract.”

Ryu felt surprised and delighted to hear that. He has worked hard for many years and is hoping for an opportunity to advance in Killing Kiss APK mod. With a smile, Ryu replied, “Thank you for your concern; I will do my best to serve the company.”

The three men laughed and then began discussing the contract’s details. Ryu feels happy to be recognized and will work hard not to betray the company’s and its leaders’ trust.

Rule number one in the Gray City

Rule number one in Killing Kiss APK 1.13.4 is “No one is allowed to question another’s past.”

This is considered a good rule widely practised in Gray City, where privacy and respect are valued. Therefore, when meeting someone new, you should not question their past if you do not want to be seen as disrespectful or intentionally invading the privacy of others. If you want to know about that person, listen to conversations and learn from current discussions.

True love is not easy

After many efforts and experiences, players have gained a comprehensive view of true love. Killing Kiss MOD APK (Menu/Free Premium Choices) learned that love is not easy and must face many difficulties and challenges. However, if they are determined and willing to accept changes, they will find happiness in love. With their efforts, players have achieved results and realized true love is precious and worthy.

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