Jewel chaser

Jewel chaser MOD 1.34.0 Auto Win APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameJewel chaser
Publisher V2R
Version1.34.0 (Latest)
Size 59M
Category Puzzle
MOD FeaturesAuto Win
Support Android 5.1+
Price FREE
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UpdatedMay 11, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
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Introduce about Jewel chaser

Jewel Chaser MOD APK (Auto Win) is a free mobile game on the Android platform developed by V2R. In this game, players must search for gems by rotating the stones to form clusters of 3 or more identical stones. Once you find the required number of gems, you will advance to the following levels with increasing difficulty. The game also features a free trial and an in-game shop to purchase boosters.

Great adventure in search of treasure

The treasure hunt adventure in Jewel chaser is described through different levels in the game. The player becomes a miner, digging deep in the mine to find valuable gems and hidden treasures. However, you will face troubles and challenges while searching, such as enemy troops trying to stop you, barriers and traps, and mini-games to defeat.

Each level has a specific goal, such as finding a certain number of gems or defeating enemy troops. When you complete a group, you will be rewarded and proceed to the next level, where the challenge and goal will be even more complex. Finally, when you find the last treasure, you will become a wealthy miner and end your adventure.

Move the jewellery and place it in the same shape

In Jewel chaser APK, the player’s main task is to move the gems to form clusters of 3 or more identical stones. To move a rock, you need to select a rock and then choose another empty spot to move it there.

In addition, in this game, you can put jewel pieces in the same shape to create complete jewels. You must move the jewellery pieces and place them in the correct positions to form an entire jewellery shape.

During the game, you will encounter many different shapes and styles of jewellery, from simple to more complex, requiring jigsaw skills and concentration to put the correct jewellery pieces in place; of them.

Experience 3500 different stages

Jewel chaser APK mod has 3500 stages, creating a long and varied gaming experience for players. Each location has a different layout and goals, requiring players to have puzzle skills and tactics to overcome.

The game’s first stages are simple and easy to play, which familiarizes the player with the gameplay and features. However, as you progress to the following locations, the difficulty level also increases significantly, requiring the player to have more excellent skill and concentration to complete the objective of each step on MODAPKOKI.

Each stage has a limited time to complete, making players think twice before moving gems or jewels to reach the goal and not lose valuable time. With the variety and challenges of 3500 stages, Jewel Chaser is a fun and exciting game for puzzle and puzzle lovers.

Find treasures by completing quests

The player’s goal is to find the treasure at the end of each level by collecting the required number of gems. Players can replay levels to increase their score and collect more money to buy in Jewel chaser APK 1.34.0.

The game has boosters, single-player or other player-versus-player modes, and an item market. To find the treasure, players must overcome complex challenges, such as avoiding obstacles or dealing with limited time.

Overall, Jewel Chaser is a fun and exciting puzzle game that allows players to challenge their reasoning and problem-solving abilities.

Experience the colourful world with Jewel Chaser

Jewel Chaser game is a simple puzzle game and a colourful adventure where you can find fun and challenge. With beautiful vivid sound and diverse gameplay, Jewel Chaser will bring you great entertainment moments. Download and join the treasure hunt adventure with Jewel chaser MOD APK (Auto Win).

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