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Festival Poster Maker MOD 4.0.74 Premium Subscription Unlocked APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameFestival Poster Maker
Version4.0.74 (Latest)
Size 129M
Category Art & Design
MOD FeaturesPremium Subscription Unlocked
Support Android 5.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedFebruary 20, 2024 (3 months ago)
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Introduce about Festival Poster Maker

Festival Poster Maker MOD APK is an innovative and powerful application that helps you create vibrant and attractive posters for special events and festivals. From music, art, and sports to local events, Festival Poster Maker is the perfect tool for you to express your creativity and capture your audience’s attention.

With Festival Poster Maker, you no longer need to hire a professional designer or spend a lot of time and effort to create a beautiful and professional poster. This application offers hundreds of ready-made poster templates with unique and exciting designs. From there, you can customize, change colours, add text, and create a customised poster tailored to your event.

Festival poster maker

Various poster templates: Festival Poster Maker offers an extensive collection of pre-designed templates for different events and festivals. You’ll find a template for your needs, from music, art, sports, and local events.

Flexible customization: You can customize the poster template to your liking. Festival Poster Maker provides powerful editing tools such as changing the colour, font size, position and size of elements on the poster. This helps you create a personalised and tailored poster for your event.

Text and Text Effects: Festive Poster Maker allows you to add text easily and give your poster a unique look. You can choose from various typefaces and text effects to make them stand out and attract attention.

Image and chart library: Festival Poster Maker provides a diverse library of images and charts for you to utilize. You can choose from statistical charts, artistic images or images related to your event to create a unique and professional poster.

Custom design

Font size and style: You can customize the font size and font style to suit your event and style. From simple letters to handwriting, Festival Poster Maker offers many options to create unique and attention-grabbing text effects.

Colours and palettes: You can customize the colours of the elements on the poster. Festival Poster Maker offers a diverse palette for you to choose from, contrasting colours or creating colour harmony. You can also create your colours by entering the colour code or using the colour picker.

Visual Effects: Festival Poster Maker APK allows you to apply visual effects to highlight elements in your poster. You can add effects like blur, glow, shadow or focus to create a unique and professional look.

Text formatting: You can change the text format, such as bold, italic, or underlined, to give emphasis and a unique effect to words or phrases on the poster.

Alignment and Position: Festival Poster Maker allows you to align and move elements on your poster to create balance and arrangement. You can align to the grid, left, right, centre, or freely.

Various topics

Music Festivals: Festival Poster Maker APK mod provides a variety of poster templates with music themes, from live performances, rock festivals, EDM, hip-hop, and jazz to national DJ or music events. Economic. You can create musical posters with artwork, music charts, and creative writing.

Art and exhibitions: If you are hosting an art exhibition, Festival Poster Maker offers poster templates suitable for you to present your unique artwork, painting exhibition or art event. You can personalise your poster with artwork, paint effects, and unique typography.

Sports and tournaments: Festival Poster Maker offers sports poster templates for soccer, basketball, tennis, racing, gymnastics and more tournaments. You can customize posters with images of athletes, graph statistics, and use pops of colour to represent the competition and excitement of the sporting event.

Local and community events: If you’re hosting a local or community event, Festival Poster Maker offers poster templates to match. You can choose from themes like cultural festivals, volunteering, antique markets, or other unique local events. Create posters that inspire and evoke solidarity and community cohesion.

Create social media posts

Quick sharing on social networks: Festival Poster Maker integrates direct sharing on popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many others. Select the social network you want to share with, and your poster will be posted quickly.

Customize Post Size: Festival Poster Maker allows you to customize your poster size to fit the requirements and regulations of each social media platform. You can choose a standard size or create a custom size to ensure your poster looks good on all devices and social networks.

Customize content and captions: When you share posts on social media, you can customize the content and captions as you like. Festival Poster Maker provides text editing tools to add your information, hashtags, tags, or messages to increase engagement and spread the word about your event.

Post Preview: Before sharing a post, Festival Poster Maker APK 4.0.74 lets you preview it to ensure your posters and content appear as intended. You can check the formatting, effects, and every element of your poster to ensure your post is engaging and professional.

Bring the event to life with Festival Poster Maker

With Festival Poster Maker MOD APK (Premium Subscription Unlocked), you are an event organiser and a professional designer. Let this app be the inspiration and creative tool for all your festival posters. Create vibrant and stunning works of art, and make sure your event shines and catches all eyes!

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