Equalizer FX Pro

Equalizer FX Pro APK 1.9.8

Posted by Bui Thao
NameEqualizer FX Pro
Publisher WetcRun
Version1.9.8 (Latest)
Size 5M
Category Music - Audio
MOD FeaturesNo
Support Android 4.4
Price 0.99$ FREE
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UpdatedMay 1, 2024 (3 weeks ago)
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Introduce about APK of Equalizer FX Pro

Equalizer FX Pro APK – great app from WecRun! Today, music has become an integral part of our lives, and nothing is better when we can customize the sound to our liking. That’s the mission of Equalizer FX Pro, an out-of-the-box tool that lets you tailor the sound on your mobile device to your style. Equalizer FX Pro is an ordinary audio equalizer and a powerful assistant to help you experience the best music. With this app, you can enhance the powerful bass to feel the rhythm in your chest, adjust the sharpness to enjoy the finest details, and adjust the overall volume to ensure an outstanding sound experience—An excellent and balanced bar.

Equalizer FX Pro provides simple sliders to adjust the sound and gives you other in-depth features, such as audio preprocessing, sound reproduction effects, and more. , automatic volume equalization, and more. You will find yourself inspired and feel the music like never before. Moreover, Equalizer FX Pro supports integration with popular music streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and many more. This ensures you can enjoy your favorite music in the best quality and express your style in every song.

Easy Custom Sound Experience

Equalizer FX Pro allows you to easily adjust audio parameters such as bass, treble, midrange, and general volume balance according to your preferences. Easy-to-use sliders allow you to enhance or tone down audio elements to create a unique musical effect and fit each genre and song.

Equalizer FX Pro provides various audio preprocessing profiles, including 3D audio effects, sound reproduction, bass enhancement, and more. You can easily adjust these effects to give your music depth and vibrancy.

With intelligent integration, Equalizer FX Pro works with popular music streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Start your favorite app, and Equalizer FX Pro will automatically connect and provide high-quality tuned sound.

Coming to Equalizer FX Pro, you will discover a new approach to music where you have complete control and create your sound. Enjoy a unique audio experience and perfectly and creatively bring your music to life with the Equalizer FX Pro from WecRun!

Professional application for the ultimate audio experience

Equalizer FX Pro APK mod, you can tailor the sound to suit your taste, provide the ultimate listening experience, and expand the audio capabilities of your mobile device.

The Equalizer FX Pro application offers a range of powerful features for audio editing. You can increase or decrease parameters such as bass (bass), mid-tone (mid), and treble (treble) to adjust the level to suit each song or music genre. In addition, you can also enhance the stereo sound to create an ample and realistic sound space.

Equalizer FX Pro also offers a collection of advanced sound effects to customize the sound to your style. You can apply effects like reverb, phase, delay, and more to create a unique and creative sound. With a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, Equalizer FX Pro allows you to adjust the sound easily and quickly. You can store and manage your customized sound profiles, adjust the overall audio volume, and enjoy notable changes in your listening experience. With Equalizer FX Pro, you can customize the sound to your liking and experience professional sound effects, giving you a better listening experience and device optimization—Your mobile.

Turn Your Phone Into High-Quality Audio Hub

Simple and easy-to-use interface, this application allows users to customize the sound, turning your ordinary phone into a high-quality audio center.

Here are some outstanding features of Equalizer FX Pro:

10-band Equalizer: Allows you to customize the audio frequency from 32Hz to 16kHz. Adjusting the bands can enhance bass, mid, and treble, or adjust bass and reverb and create a perfectly balanced sound for any music.

Sound Effects: Equalizer FX Pro has powerful sound effects like 3D Surround, Reverb, Bass Boost, and Virtualizer. Thanks to this feature, you can create an ample, multi-dimensional, and vivid sound space, enhancing the experience of listening to music or watching movies on your phone.

Sound Presets: Equalizer FX Pro provides a wide range of sound presets for popular music genres like Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classic, and many more. You need to choose a suitable preset, and the app will tweak the sound automatically to suit each specific music genre.

Noise Management: With this feature, you can eliminate background noise and enhance the sound to its fullest extent, ensuring you can hear clearly and in detail, even in noisy environments.

Advanced Customization: Equalizer FX Pro offers various advanced customizations that allow you to adjust clarity, quietness, left/right balance, and much more. This allows you to optimize the sound according to personal preference and headset use.

With many powerful and easy-to-use features, Equalizer FX Pro is the ideal application to enhance your mobile music and movie viewing experience.

Perfect audio tuning for your video player

This application offers a wide range of advanced audio adjustments, allowing you to adjust frequencies, enhance bass, mids, and treble, and enhance stereo sound. You can customize these parameters to your preferences to create a perfect and balanced sound.

Besides, Equalizer FX Pro also comes with a wide range of unique sound effects, such as ambient sound, 3D sound enhancement, and many more types of effects. As a result, you can create an immersive audio experience, expand the audio space, and enjoy every emotion from the music and sound in the video. In addition, Equalizer FX Pro is also compatible with the most popular video players, such as MX Player, VLC, and many more. This ensures you can enjoy all your favorite videos with excellent sound without changing the default video player. With Equalizer FX Pro, you can enjoy video and experience high-quality cinema-like sound on your mobile phone. Create a great video viewing experience with robust and vibrant sound, and relax with your favorite entertainment.

The perfect choice for music lovers

An excellent app for customizing your mobile sound. With the ability to adjust bass, mids, and highs and apply advanced sound effects, this app offers flexibility and creativity in the listening experience.

With a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, Equalizer FX Pro APK allows you to customize the sound to your liking easily and quickly. You can enhance your favorite audio components and create unique sounds suitable for any song and genre of music.

Besides, storing and managing your custom sound profiles allows you to access and share them with friends easily. Equalizer FX Pro is a valuable optimization tool and a reliable companion for music lovers.

With Equalizer FX Pro APK 1.9.8 on MODAPKOKI, experience music uniquely and optimistically on your mobile device. Enjoy high-quality sound and a rich world of music with the help of this fantastic app.

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