Days After

Days After MOD 11.3.1 Immortality/Max Durability APK

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NameDays After
Version11.3.1 (Latest)
Size 149M
Category Action
MOD FeaturesImmortality/Max Durability
Support Android 5.1
Price FREE
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UpdatedMay 9, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
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  • V1:Immortality/Max Durability
  • V2:Menu mod
    1. Dumb enemy
    2. Free craft: only works with some items
    3. Fast travel
  • V3: Menu
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Introduce about Days After

Days After MOD APK (Immortality/Max Durability) on MODAPKOKI is a survival game created by Vietnamese game company Mr. xStudios, developed and released in 2020. The game is themed around life after a zombie apocalypse, where players must fight to survive and find a way out of this dangerous world.

In Days After, players will assume the role of a survivor in this harsh world and use their survival skills to search for food, water, building materials, weapons, and Equipment. Players must also fight aggressive zombies and find ways to destroy them to protect themselves and gain essential resources.

Days After is designed in a way that simulates in a very detailed and realistic way about survival factors such as resource management, item crafting, base building, character development, and trying to maintain health. Health, as well as avoiding various dangers.

Try to survive

In Days After, Trying to survive is essential to the gaming experience. Players will face different challenges and dangers in a world of zombies and scarce resources.

To survive, players need to manage their resources intelligently and efficiently. Players need to find food and water to ensure their health and find resources such as wood, metal, and stone to build a base and craft the necessary items.

Players must also fight aggressive zombies to protect themselves and collect essential items such as weapons and Equipment. In addition, players need to be cautious and avoid other dangers such as disease, extreme weather, and other enemies.

In addition to resource management and combat, players must develop their characters by enhancing skills and improving Equipment. This will help players fight complex challenges and improve their survival in this dangerous world.

In Days After, Trying to survive is integral to the gaming experience. Players must use their resource management, combat, and character development abilities to face challenges and dangers in this zombie-infested world.

Build shelter

Building a shelter is an essential part of Days After because it will be a place where players can hide and protect themselves from the dangers of the zombie world.

Players can build their shelters using wood, stone, and metal materials. These shelters can be made anywhere in Days After APK, from forests to grasslands or over water.

When building a shelter, players need to calculate and plan to ensure it is safe and comfortable enough to survive in this dangerous world. The top needs to be designed to have enough functional rooms, such as a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, a storage room, and even a petting house.

In addition, players also need to pay attention to protecting their shelter from attacks by zombies or other enemies by building protective barriers, installing security mechanisms, and using Use items such as mines or traps to destroy enemies.

Explore the world of death

Days After APK mod is a new world where a pandemic of zombies and other dangerous creatures has wiped out humans. Players will be embarked on an adventure to explore this world, looking for survival opportunities and confronting new and terrifying challenges.

The world of Days After is designed to be very large and diverse, with different environments such as forests, deserts, mountains, or abandoned urban areas. During the journey of discovery, the player will face dangerous forces such as zombies, bandits, or other creatures and must always be ready to fight and protect themselves.

Players can also find and exploit resources such as drinking water, food, and building materials to make life in this zombie world more bearable. They can also search for equipment and weapons to protect themselves and fight against the dark forces in Days After.

In short, exploring the deadly world of Days After is an essential part of the game, providing players with a thrilling and challenging feeling in the face of dangers and looking for a chance to survive in this world. This world is full of zombies.

Find friends and raise loyal pets

Having a pet also helps players feel not alone in this complex and dangerous life.

Players need to go around the map to find pets and look for areas where animals live. After seeing the pet, the players can use food and tools to tame them. Once they have become loyal, they will become faithful companions of the player, helping the player in Days After APK 11.3.1.

In addition to keeping pets, players can also look for other players to make friends and cooperate in the fight against the zombie pandemic and other dangerous forces. They can communicate and exchange resources, items, and experiences to deal with the challenges of this zombie-infested world together.

Finding friends and petting in Days After is an essential part of the game, providing a sense of connection with the community and teammates and helping players feel safe and confident in a life full of difficulties and challenges—This danger.

A challenging survival game

Overall, Days After MOD APK (Immortality/Max Durability) is an attractive, challenging game that provides players with an open world of interactivity and adventure. Players will experience life in a world full of zombies and other dangerous forces and must find a way to fight, survive and build a safe shelter. However, with the competition between players and exploring the game world, Days After gives players a unique and never-dull experience. If you are passionate about survival games and challenging world exploration, give Days After a try today.

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