Bui Thao is an experienced editor and content manager that featured in the area of Game and MOD APK Applications being the ultimates on Android for over 5 years. Driven by technology and entertainment as his main interests along with his proven expertise through his strong connections with game and application lovers, Bui Thao has successfully built a reputation for himself in this area.

Strong experience:

Excellent editor

Millions of users are confident in Bui Thao’s professional authority in content writing, mark by the detail and accuracy of him posts that always feel coherent and understandable for the audience. Bui Thao’s writings about new topics are very popular with readers, thanks to their creative style, and timely recent game apps trends.

Talented management

Bui Thao is an excellent leader and skilled manager who successfully guided 20 content writers, who were not only serious in their work, but exhibit a high sense of responsibility. The secret of Bui Thao’s character is the ability to inspire and mobilize team members to work towards a common goal. Him is an embodiment of the “unity is power” motto.

Update information quickly: Bui Thao follows the news about the favorite MOD APK Games and Applications, and share the best practices with readers.

Outstanding achievements

Leading a team of content writers: Bui Thao has successfully worked with a group of professionals as she embodied a team led by content creators. This led to an improved level of website content and attracted a large amount of website visitors.

Traffic growth: All the credit is given to a good work flow and high-end content since the site to where traffic is growing the largest.

Through MOD APK Game and Application Bui Thao aims to be a source of useful and precious information attracted by the community worldwide, consequently to the development of this particular field.

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Bui Thao is an enthusiastic gamer, someone who loves to read books as well as willingly take part in exploring the new technological world.


Bui Thao wishes to become a well-known person all over the world through articles on Games and MOD applications.

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