Ava’s Manor

Ava’s Manor MOD 44.0.0 Unlimited Money/Stars APK

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NameAva’s Manor
Publisher Uken Games
Version44.0.0 (Latest)
Size 147M
Category Card
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Stars
Support Android 6.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedMay 2, 2024 (3 weeks ago)
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Introduce about Ava’s Manor

Ava’s Manor MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Stars) Prepare to enter a mysterious and exciting adventure in this quaint house. Ava’s Manor is an adventure puzzle game that allows you to experience a world full of mysteries and uncover the shocking secrets of an ancient house.

As Ava, a talented explorer, you will be invited to explore Ava’s Manor – a mysterious house that has become the inspiration for many incredible stories. But more than just exploration, you must solve subtle puzzles and mysteries to progress further in the game.

At Ava’s Manor, you’ll have to explore every corner of the house, finding hidden objects in bedrooms, living rooms, libraries, and more. Each room holds essential clues, and deciphering them will bring you closer to uncovering the truth behind Ava’s Manor.

Willing to face challenges that require your creative thinking and judgment? Prepare yourself for a dramatic and engaging experience in Ava’s Manor. Get ready to unlock the dark mysteries and continue this exciting journey. Good luck, and start exploring Ava’s Manor now!

Relax and enjoy the beauty

Upon entering Ava’s Manor, you will be transported into a beautiful and large house with many different rooms to explore and enjoy. The rooms are uniquely designed and varied, from living rooms and bedrooms to study rooms and game rooms. Each room has its theme and style, creating a unique and creative space.

You can renovate and decorate each room to your liking. Ava’s Manor gives you various decoration options, from furniture, wall decorations, and decorative lights to small items like plants, pictures, flowers and jewellery. You can choose and arrange these items however you want, creating unique and exciting spaces. Through the renovation and decoration, you may find yourself relaxing and enjoying your creativity, creating a friendly and satisfying environment for your character.

In addition to renovation and decoration, Ava’s Manor MOD APK also provides various card games to entertain and challenge yourself. There are different types of card games, from simple games like solitaire to more complex games like poker and blackjack. You can participate in tournaments or play solo against other Ava’s Manor community players. Card games help you train your mind and thinking ability and bring joy and excitement when you win and achieve high results.

Challenge for creators

One of the addictive game elements of Ava’s Manor is the varied and complex puzzle system. Players will have to explore each room in the mansion, looking for hidden objects and solving puzzles to progress further in Ava’s Manor APK on MODAPKOKI. These puzzles are creatively designed and require players to use intelligence and judgment to move on.

In addition, Ava’s Manor also contains a beautiful romantic story. Players will have access to Ava’s past moves, secrets and sufferings she has gone through. Through each room and puzzle, players will gradually uncover the pieces of this story and feel the deep affection between Ava and her ex.

The environment in Ava’s Manor also contributes to Ava’s Manor APK mod. The villa is designed with delicate pattern details, dim light and mysterious sound, creating a mysterious and attractive space. The villa’s beautiful landscape and romantic space will make players feel like they are entering a completely different world.

Uncover mysterious clues

Players will discover mysterious clues to solve puzzles and solve mysteries in Ava’s abandoned house.

When entering the house, players will feel the mysterious atmosphere. Old black and white paintings and fragments of previous life create a unique and aesthetic space. Weak light shone through the old glass windows, casting unfriendly ghosts on the walls.

This house has many rooms containing dark secrets and available clues. The library room was full of dim old books hiding important information. An old bedroom with a dusty upholstered bed and traces of a mysterious past. Kitchen with outdated cooking utensils and an indescribable sense of tension.

Each room in Ava’s Manor holds its unique clues and mysteries. Players must explore every hidden corner of these rooms, find valuables, decipher clocks and solve intricate puzzles to progress further in their journey.

From reading ancient letters to searching for codes hidden in old toy boxes, from solving mysteries of the Ava family to exploring forgotten corridors and rooms, players will be drawn into stories and immerse themselves in deciphering tricky clues.

Beautiful, unique design

With a wide range of furniture options, you can create your own living space and express your style.

As soon as you enter your Manor, you’ll be greeted by a spacious entrance and beautiful borage brick walkway. The surrounding landscape is a verdant garden with rows of ancient trees and colourful flowers.

Inside the house, the space is designed with classical architecture and European style. The living room is decorated with soft sofas and gilded tea tables, creating a luxurious and cosy space. The wall is decorated with natural wood panels and unique art paintings, creating a great contrast.

Next, the dining room is next to the living room with a large dining set crafted from high-quality wood. Tables and chairs with soft cushions bring comfort for family dinners. Crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling creating shimmering light and elegant space.

The bedroom is a place to relax and unwind after a stressful day at work. The large bed is covered with soft blankets and soft pillows. The wall is adorned with floral motifs, and thin curtains create a peaceful and relaxing space.

In addition, your Manor has a separate office where you can focus on work and creativity. A wooden desk with drawers and bookshelves holds essential documents. Soft office chair makes you comfortable to work for a long time.

Become a talented explorer

As you complete the dramatic journey in Ava’s Manor APK 44.0.0, you’ll feel a sense of euphoria and a sense of appreciation for your accomplishments. By deciphering the mysteries and uncovering the layers of the ancient house, you will gain new knowledge and better understand the intertwined story behind Ava’s Manor.

Ava’s Manor game gives you hours of exciting entertainment and challenges your creative thinking ability. You will have to think logically, use your powers of observation and search to investigate the secrets hidden in every corner of the house. And as you investigate further, you’ll discover that Ava’s Manor is more than just a house, but a complex trap that requires intelligence and fortitude to overcome.

With Ava’s Manor MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Stars), you will experience a grand adventure where you can enter the world of challenging puzzles and delicate mysteries.

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