Age of History 2

Age of History 2 MOD 1.25 Unlimited Money APK

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NameAge of History 2
Publisher Łukasz Jakowski
Version1.25 (Latest)
Size 146M
Category Strategy
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Price 4.89$ FREE
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UpdatedMarch 7, 2024 (3 months ago)
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Introduce about Age of History 2

Age of History 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is an engaging strategy game that immerses players in journeys across time and space to showcase their leadership, management, and combat skills. Developed by Lukasz Jakowski, an independent developer, Age of History 2 is the successful sequel to the original Age of History game. The game allows players to rewrite history uniquely, managing nations from ancient, medieval, modern, and even future eras.

Age of History 2 focuses on gameplay primarily rooted in strategy and resource management. Players can choose from hundreds of countries worldwide, each with its challenges and opportunities. From building armies, training soldiers, and engaging in diplomacy to participating in grand wars, players face critical decisions that impact the development and fate of their nations.

The scope of Age of History 2 extends beyond governance and warfare. It allows players to customize maps, create self-defined historical events, and even share their creations through the online community. This contributes to a diverse, rich, and ever-expanding gaming world, challenging players’ intelligence and creativity.

With various gameplay modes and diverse options, Age of History 2 takes players on a marvelous journey through history, offering them the chance to become great leaders. Get ready to explore a world full of challenges and possibilities in this game!

Detailed World Map with Historical Borders

In Age of History 2, the detailed world map isn’t just a visual backdrop and a fascinating focal point for players to explore and experience history. Emphasizing the recreation of historical borders, the map in this game is truly a vibrant work of art.

The map is divided into regions and continents containing corresponding countries and territories. The borders between nations are more than just lines on the map; they carry significant historical shifts. From the rise and fall of empires to conflicts and peace treaties, everything is represented through an authentic and meticulous border system.

As you move through different historical periods, you’ll witness map changes. Borders can shift due to wars, negotiations, or even player-driven creativity. This creates a rich and dynamic experience, allowing you to visually understand how history and events affect each nation’s development.

The detailed world map in Age of History 2 APK 1.25 is not merely a part of the game; it’s a powerful tool for crafting your narrative. From altering historical currents to building new nations, the map accompanies and reflects your decisions and actions.

Deep Diplomatic System Between Civilizations

The diplomatic system in this game goes beyond mere treaty signings and declarations of war; it immerses players in a world of alliances, agreements, and national conflicts.

As the leader of a nation, you’ll face crucial diplomatic decisions. You can establish alliances with other countries, forge trade agreements, or even negotiate multilateral negotiations to decide territorial claims or international situations. These decisions affect your relationships with other civilizations and can lead to unexpected and intriguing scenarios.

However, diplomacy isn’t always smooth and peaceful. National conflicts can escalate into intense wars, and you must carefully consider whether invading a new territory is worth maintaining your composure. The deep diplomatic system of Age of History 2 APK ensures that your decisions have lasting and complex impacts on the nation’s development and history.

This diverse diplomatic system creates a vivid and authentic gaming world where you’re not only dealing with borders and armies but also showcasing your diplomatic skills and strategic vision to build and maintain your power.

Script Editor: Crafting Your Historical Scenarios

The game’s unique Script Editor allows you to become a historian, creating situations, events, and changes as you see fit.

With the Script Editor, you can generate new events like conflicts, treaties, or how a nation evolves. You can define specific scenarios, such as assuming a nation’s victory in a significant war or reversing history to explore a new “Imagine if…” situation.

The Script Editor isn’t limited to just generating events; it also lets you define consequences and how they impact the game’s world. You can create historical variations, new possibilities for nations, and present unique challenges for other players.

Beyond being a creative tool, the Script Editor also facilitates sharing works within the community. You can upload and share your scripts with players worldwide, allowing them to discover and experience the unique historical narratives you’ve crafted.

With the Script Editor in Age of History 2 APK mod, history isn’t just the past; it’s the future you’re shaping.


Revolutions are a crucial part of the game, allowing you to alter the course of history and determine the fate of nations and peoples.

When engaging in a Revolution, you’ll face significant decisions. You can lead a revolution and attempt to overthrow the current regime to change a nation’s political, social, and economic landscape. Depending on how you lead, a Revolution can lead to various outcomes, from catastrophic failure to resounding success.

The Revolution system is intricately designed, considering factors like the people’s courage, military support, and public sentiment. You must carefully balance leadership, resource management, and unexpected events to achieve the Revolution’s goals.

Revolutions don’t just thrust you into a political struggle; they create emotionally charged and tense narratives. You’ll feel the importance of your decisions and how they impact societal and national changes in Age of History 2 MOD APK.

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