aCalendar+ APK 2.8.2

Posted by Bui Thao
Publisher Tapir Apps GmbH
Version2.8.2 (Latest)
Size 9M
Category Productivity
MOD FeaturesNo
Support Android 7.1
Price 5.99$ FREE
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UpdatedMarch 3, 2024 (3 months ago)
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Introduce about APK of aCalendar+

Have you ever felt confused with your calendar, with dozens of complicated events and tasks? Don’t worry; with the aCalendar+ APK application, your daily life will become more accessible, and your schedule will be bright and efficiently organized. aCalendar+ is a powerful, multifunctional, customizable calendar app that gives you the best calendar experience on your mobile device. With an intuitive interface, various features, and high customizability, aCalendar+ is the ideal partner for managing your time and schedule. Let’s explore and exploit the tremendous potential of the aCalendar+ app!

Business features

Synchronization and integration: aCalendar+ allows you to synchronize your calendar with cloud storage services such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook,k, and Exchange. You can easily access and manage your schedule from any device and ensure that the information is constantly updated and in sync across all platforms.

Calendar sharing and collaboration: aCalendar+ allows you to share your schedule with colleagues, partners,s or family to update and discuss events and meetings conveniently. You can send invitations and receive notifications about public events, create separate calendars for work groups, and easily keep track of the team’s calendar.

Manage multiple calendars: With aCalendar+, you can create and manage multiple schedules simultaneously. This allows you to separate and organize personal work, group work, personal events,s and work events. You can switch between schedules easily and quickly to get an overview of different events and tasks.

Set calendars and reminders: aCalendar+ allows you to set schedules and set reminders for events and tasks. You can set up a reminder time before the event to ensure you don’t miss any meetings or deadly ines.

Full-screen widget

Quick and convenient access: aCalendar+’s full-screen widget lets you access schedule and event information right from the home screen of your mobile device. You don’t need to open the complete aCalendar+ app whenever you want to view or edit your schedule. This saves time and effort and enhances usability.

Show events and insights: aCalendar+’s full-screen widget provides an overview of your schedule, showing the most recently scheduled events and activities. You can view event details such as date, time, location,n, and brief description right on the widget, helping you to capture important information easily and quickly.

Interact and edit: aCalendar+’s full-screen widget lets you interact directly with events and tasks. You can scroll between days, months, and weeks to see future or past events. You can add new events, edit existing event information, and even delete unnecessary events without opening the aCalendar+ app.

Customization and Formatting: aCalendar+’s full-screen widget lets you customize its appearance and display to suit your preferences. You can change the widget’s size, color, and display to create an aesthetically pleasing and personalized schedule experience.

100 colors

Wide choice of colors: aCalendar+ APK 2.8.2 on MODAPKOKI gives you up to 100 colors to customize your schedule. You can easily choose from a wide palette of colors, from neutrals and darks to bright and bright colors. This allows you to create a personalized and unique schedule that reflects your style and preferences.

Color grading for events and activities: Using the “100 colors” feature, you can color grade the events and activities in your schedule. For example, you can assign one color to meetings, another color to personal events, and another color to essential events. This makes it easy to identify and distinguish between different events in the schedule.

Presence color: aCalendar+ provides similar color rendering for events and activities of the same person. This helps you to be aware of the presence of work team members or family members. For example, each family member can be assigned a unique color to identify each person’s schedule quickly.

Use the backend and sync the native calendar

Use backends: aCalendar+ allows you to use backends to enhance your application’s features and capabilities. For example, you can install add-ons like “Tasks,” “Weather,r,” and “Holidays” to add extras to your schedule. These backends provide information about work, weather, and important holidays, giving you a more complete and complete overview of your daily schedule.

Native calendar synchronization: aCalendar+ allows you to synchronize your schedule with the original calendar on your device. This means that events and activities you create or edit in aCalendar+ are automatically synced and displayed on your device’s native calendar app. Conversely, events and activities you add to the original schedule will also be synced and displayed on aCalendar+. This ensures you don’t miss anycriticalt information and can manage your schedule conveniently and seamlessly.

With aCalendar+’s native backend and calendar syncing capabilities, you can take advantage of extensive features and ensure that your schedule stays up-to-date and in sync across all your devices. This helps you manage tasks and events efficiently without the hassle of switching between different apps and platforms.

Freedom to tune in and enjoy your time with aCalendar+

With aCalendar+ APK, you will never have to worry about complicated schedule management again. Take advantage of aCalendar+’s wide range of functionality and customization to create the perfect schedule for your life. Experience the flexibility and convenience that aCalendar+ offers, and discover a sense of freedom and control with the ultimate calendar app like never before.

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